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How to build horse stall stable walls?

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How to build horse stall stable walls?


I am needing to DIY my stable walls due to cost of manufactured ones being so expensive. 
I have a few questions:

1. Can you use Aluminium C Chanell? If so….

2. Can I use something similar to Protector Alluminium Flanged Pool Fence as my support posts (bolted into concrete).

3. Can I use Peak Balustade frames to enclose tongue and groove timber? Then bolt/connect to the posts.  

Image for reference ideas.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: DIY Horse Stall/Stable walls?

Hi @PaulaD,


Your plan should work theoretically. However, these systems are designed to withstand forces under standard conditions. My concern is that they'd likely fail with higher forces applied to them, such as a horse pushing up against them. Depending on how they failed, it could cause significant injury, so I wouldn't recommend using these products for your application. 


Let me mention @Dave-1 and @Nailbag to see if they have any thoughts.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Re: DIY Horse Stall/Stable walls?

Good Morning @PaulaD 

Im following @MitchellMc's hesitation on materials. The weight of a horse pushing up against any of these is hard to work out other then it could be a LOT.  A pool Fence is constructed for an expected human not to beable to force it so having a horse casually push it... I Do like using other products but in this situation I would be sticking to ones that you know/have seen in existing stalls. Thats usually my starting point and then replicating it by building it myself.



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Re: How to build horse stall stable walls?

I agree also with both @MitchellMc & @Dave-1 comments. I've recently installed a pool fence and as sturdy as they are, they would be know match for a horse to simply push over and they as mentioned, cause themselves injury. They simply aren't that structurally sound for that application.


regards, Nailbag

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Re: How to build horse stall stable walls?

Thanks Nailbag. I’m agreeing now also.

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