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How to create a covered storage area?

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How to create a covered storage area?





Looking at making unused drying area to a weatherproof storage area on the side of house by extending fence and roofing using polycarbonate panel. Is it possible or waste of time/ money ? 

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Re: How to create a covered storage area?

Hello @Chris00 


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's sensational to have you join us, and thanks for sharing your question about creating a storage area at the side of your home.


Before you make any plans, I suggest doing a bit of research and finding out from your local council the rules and regulations of building a structure on your fence line. It's best to get the details first so that you'll know if it is worth investing in.


While you are investigating the rules, I also suggest looking into the possibility of installing a shed, which is my second suggestion. This is on the condition that building on your fence line is not a viable option. 


Let me call on our experienced members @Nailbag and @Dave-1 for their recommendation.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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Re: How to create a covered storage area?

Afternoon @Chris00 

Mmmm How far apart is the fence fro the side of your house?  Another question is where does the existing water run to from the concreted area?


Most council rulings dont allow you to build up to the fenceline, A lean to or carport maybe not so much so? :smile:

My main concern is where would the rain water go from your suggested polycarbonette roofing and how would you make sur ethe gutters are clean to keep the water from overflowing to your neighbours.


Would you consider some outside storage boxes, maybe even two on shelving next to your house?


I like @EricL's suggestion of a shed, especially so because the roof will be within your yard. Also justrealised there is a window on the wall that would be covered up, I dont think you can cover windows as they are needed for potentailly exiting houses in case of emergency?  A low shed or large storage box may be a way around that issue?



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Re: How to create a covered storage area?

Hi @Chris00 As @Dave-1 highlighted water drainage is going to be an important thing to address on top of building a permanent structure requiring a permit as @EricL highlighted. You also have your neighbour to consider who may object. Dave's idea of outdoor poly-carb storage is worth considering. There is a large range of both box type but also vertical shed type that are quite shallow with sliding or swing door options. There is a bigger range in Colorbond where the doors can be ordered to be placed where its most suitable;e like an end. Plus you can get clear roof panels for natural light.


regards, Nailbag

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Re: How to create a covered storage area?

Thanks for the recommendation, i’m considering all options .

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