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How to cut timber stumps closer to the ground?

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How to cut timber stumps closer to the ground?

Hi all, I am installing edging from Bunnings however I have 4 of these stumps (see below) from an pre-existing structure that are interfering with the instllation. I want to try and cut them as close to the ground as possible (maybe cut off 4cm?). What's the best tool (power or hand) for me to do this with and any tips?



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Cutting wooden stumps close to ground

Hello @carpedion 


Thanks for sharing your question about cutting your timber stumps lower. I suggest removing some of the soil and mulch away from the stump. It might be necessary to break up some of the concrete footing in order for you to cut even lower. I suggest using a hammer to break up the thin top part of the concrete.


To cut the stump, I recommend having a look at the Ozito 920W Reciprocating Saw RSW-5200 or a Multi Tool with a heavy-duty titanium coated plunge blade. Either of these tools will be able to cut the stump lower to the ground.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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Re: Cutting wooden stumps close to ground

Afternoon @carpedion 


In agreement with @EricL  - if you remove enough earth, you would also be able to utilise the humble handsaw.

But before all this, I'd like to try a blockbuster and crowbar on the stumps - and see if it could be split/splintered and removed in pieces, like a broken molar.

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