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How to hang outdoor wall panels?

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How to hang outdoor wall panels?

I am planning to place Merbau wall panels in my back yard wall. Please advise how can i mount them. 

Product: Merbau Fence


Attaching picture of how I want it to be. Its a rendered wall on which I want to attach it. 



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Re: hanging outdoor wall panels

Re: hanging outdoor wall panels


I have read your first reply again and did a bit of a search on Merbau leaching. Seems its one of the drawbacks of using Merbau. Even if I go with the first method you mentioned, i.e. using treated pine, how will it prevent walls from getting stained in case of rain with winds? 


With naturally seasoning the panel allowing tannins and oil to have leached out and then sealed it with the oil will permanently fix the tannins?

Re: hanging outdoor wall panels

Hi @DIYImpressions,


@EricL will be back on the site after the long weekend, and I trust he will add to the conversation if needed.


How do you intend to use the hooks in the mounting process? The hook is only designed to have a thin picture wire placed on it. It doesn't protrude out from the wall far enough to hook onto your panels. You could potentially bend the hook out, and they might be able to grip the back horizontal baton.


If you wish to fix the panel to the wall in a low-profile way, consider using STAHL Masonry Kit 8mm Drill With 50mm Blue Wall Plugs and position them in-between the vertical panels, screwing through the horizontal batons. I've put an image together below to illustrate.


As for the Merbau leeching, I suggest you use Cabot's 2L New Timber Prep on it. It will take a couple of applications to strip out all the tannins. You can then seal it all (front and back) with Intergrain 1L Natural Exterior Nature's Timber Oil. You need to strip the tannins out before it goes near the wall. This process should ensure there is no leeching out onto the ground or wall.


Please let me know if you have any questions.









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