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How to join 4 Mimosa Palermo gazebos together?

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How to join 4 Mimosa Palermo gazebos together?

Hi Gurus,


I have a big backyard with a concreated area of 12 x 4. I have a permit for a 12x4 pergola. However I am planning not to proceed with that given the cost.

I am planning to install 4 of Mimosa 3 x 3.6m Charcoal Palermo Gazebos together. 

Just wondering are these gazobos have internal rain water pipes? and what's the best way to install 4 together.

Any advice on this is much appreciated.





Kimjey4 x gazebos.JPG


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Re: Joining 4 Mimosa 3 x 3.6m Charcoal Palermo Gazebo

Good Morning @outdoorman 

I have wandered past those gazabos on display and just stood looking at them. They do look nice I must admit. I have even had teh same idea as you in regards to put two side by side. In the end I decided to build a deck and rooof area myself. I almost did just the deck and then put the gazebo on top :smile:


I just had a look at the instructions and a couple of videos I found on the web, it dosnt look like their are internal channels for the rain. I was thinking maybe the angle of the base of teh roof but it dosnt seem to be the case @EricL or @MitchellMc will know more about the produc tho.


Id like to offer a warm welcome to the Bunnings Community Page :smile: You will find loads of help and suggestions in here for sure. I really like your idea and hope to see a project put up somewhere down thetrack from you :smile:



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: How to join 4 Mimosa Palermo gazebos together?

Hi @outdoorman,


Welcome to Bunnings Workshop. We're pleased to have you join the community and look forward to seeing how you can transform your home.


Unfortunately our two resident Bunnings D.I.Y. experts are not able to join us on the site today. Let me tag a couple of other very helpful members to get their thoughts on your plan: @JacobZ95 and @diy_hausdesigns.




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Re: How to join 4 Mimosa Palermo gazebos together?

Hi @outdoorman,


I'm not too sure what you're looking at doing would be feasible. If you were to join 4 of these gazebos together, you would essentially be creating one structure which is well over the size that would require an engineers approval.


The main issue would be what's called "uplift". Attaching the 4 gazebos together would essentially create a big sail, which in high winds, even with adequate attachment to a concrete base, could be picked up and flung causing damage or injury that I think everyone would like to avoid.


Unfortunately with a structure this size, it is likely you're going to need to pay a professional.



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to join 4 Mimosa Palermo gazebos together?

Hello @outdoorman 


Thanks for sharing your question about installing 4 gazebos side by side. It's great that you've received excellent advice from @Dave-1 and @JacobZ95


I'm afraid that from a safety aspect point of view it is not viable to install 4 gazebos side by side. However, since you are willing to spend this much for your gazebo, I suggest engaging the services of a drafts person to draw up a gazebo plan for you to a set budget. 


The drafts person will then draw up an official plan which you can then submit to your local council for approval. If you have the necessary tools and D.I.Y. experience, you should be able to build this gazebo. Or you could hire a trades person to build it for you.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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