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How to weatherproof exposed entrance to house?

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How to weatherproof exposed entrance to house?

We have an open entrance to our house which is has mould growing as well as damage the plasterboard on the ceiling. I suspect this is due to the space being open as well as heavy rain which drips down off the wall and onto the ceiling. 

Would anyone have any suggestions on how to weatherproof this part of the house? IMG_9794.JPGIMG_9795.JPGIMG_9796.JPG

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to weatherproof exposed entrance to house?

Hello @smhok 


Thanks for sharing your question about your entrance to your house. In regards to your outdoor ceiling, I'm afraid this is a common occurrence on eaves and exposed ceilings. When moisture forms on the surface of the exposed ceiling it makes for a perfect breeding ground for moss and mould. 


The only way to slow it down is with periodic cleaning using a soft bristle brush along with 30 Seconds 5L Outdoor Cleaner Concentrate. Because of its exposed nature, any surface that allows water to reside on becomes a breeding ground for moss and mould. 


If for example you were to enclose the front area, the surface of the new front area will get the brunt of weather exposure. If your entrance is looking a bit worn down, I propose a new coat of paint and scheduling a cleaning regimen to prevent any buildup from forming.


Let me call on our experienced members @Dave-1 and @Jewelleryrescue for their recommendations.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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Re: How to weatherproof exposed entrance to house?

Good Evening @smhok 

I saw your pics just as I was heading home, having a closer look at them now I am wondering how the water runs down the side and underneath to the ceilin? Their appears to be a lip to the edge that would stop the water doing that. I am wondering if condensation would be causing the mould, especially at night as the temperture drops?


I like the regime that @EricL has suggested to keep it in check. I have to do the same around some of the windows in my house where the warm moisture ladden air meets the cool and bingo, mould starts to form. I have used a diluted bleach and that works but I dont know of what damage it could do to your ceiling.



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