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My caravan renovation

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My caravan renovation

Hi all,

It's been suggested that I should start a discussion about my caravan repairs so here goes. It's a small 1970s Franklin van. My plan intially is to address the water damage and window open/close issues. Repair of these two areas will make the van basically livable.

Eventually like to do full reno but that will take time.

I am a raw beginner so just stumbling along. My first task is to purchase a large tarp to cover it. She doesn't fit in the garage and is being rained on as I write this 😩

I imagine I will be looking for knowledgeable people to ask a multitude of questions of down the track.

Best wishes to all

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: My caravan renovation

Hi @linfrank,


It's great to see you start a discussion about your project! I'm sure our members will be keen to hear all about it as you progress along. 


I'd recommend you invest in a heavy-duty tarp. They're much better quality than those traditional blue tarps and more suited to abuse from the elements. By the time a couple of the blue tarps have ripped in high winds, you'd have already paid for one of the heavy-duty options.


I'm looking forward to seeing some images of your caravan and discussing the rot issue. I'm sure @Peggers will have plenty of helpful advice as well. I trust you've found his How To series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) on renovating a caravan helpful, but he's also contributed several other caravan projects.


You'll find these an interesting read:












Here are some of the caravan projects our members are working on:







As you can see, we have a very active community of caravan restoration enthusiasts, so you come to the right place for assistance with your project. Please let us know when you need assistance or have questions. We're here to help.




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Re: My caravan renovation

Hi Linfrank, looking forward to following along. I'm also working on a small 1974 Franklin (Regent) at the moment. I haven't posted in here yet as I wanted to be further along but as it's raining today, I think I'll start a thread (don't let mine freak you out though, I went into mine knowing it would be a full rebuild)


Edit: just started a thread here -

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Re: My caravan renovation

Hi There twocutekelpies


Your Franklin looks a lot like mine! Mine has wind out windows and I think is just slightly longer. I need to find the paperwork for mine with the specs on it.

This one probably needs the whole rebuild as well actually but I'm just trying to start on one end.

The shelter you have there for your van looks really great. I will try to take some photos of mine. It's in a bad spot to get a good picture currently and it's not really movable at the moment but I'll give it a go.

Thank you for replying to my post. I think I will find following your activities very helpful πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Re: My caravan renovation



Hi Robyn, failing finding any paperwork, you should be able to find the year using the chassis number welded on the top of the drawbar, the letter gives the year, eg V = 1974, W = 1975, X = 1976, Y = 1977 


Looking forward to seeing photos of yours. :smile: 


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