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New gas barbecue - any recommendations

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New gas barbecue - any recommendations

Hi everyone,


Hopefully the weather will be getting warmer soon and we can get outside more. I want to upgrade my barbie and am looking for recommendations. I want to stick with gas for the convenience but this time want to get a higher-end model that will last, get it plumbed in so I don't have to bother with gas bottles, and am considering a rottersierie for special occasions. Other musts would be a glass panel hood, temperature gauge, easy to clean. Don't really care about side wok burners, not sure about IR back burners, and I probably grill more than I roast but want to do both.





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Re: New gas barbecue - any recommendations

Hi Shawn
While I am not a big fan of gas bbq myself it seems that Beefeater or Matador are your brand name options that fit all you are asking, you could also look through Ebay for a noname option.
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Re: New gas barbecue - any recommendations

I got a Beefeater 15 years ago and it's still going strong. I think that's a pretty good recommendation. I've replaced the plates on it and the burners, and the ignition hasn't worked for the last few years, but I think its been excellent and I will happily buy another one. 

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Re: New gas barbecue - any recommendations

@Kermit :hysterical:


A bloke I worked with had an axe like that, it was handed down to him from his Grand Father, it'd been fitted with an new axe head once, & gone through 7 handles. He swears that it's the best axe he'd ever had, & the best axe ever made.

Mind you, he could spin a story out of nothing, so I'm betting that it was the only axe he'd ever had, & it's been sitting on his mantle piece from the day he got it. :wink:

Re: New gas barbecue - any recommendations

We have a Char Griller Deluxe from Bunnings and whilst it's great we really don't use it often as it isn't gas and therefore requires a bit of effort. Great for smoking trout though! I have seen quite a few of the Matador BBQs however and they look quite nice - we'll definitely consider them when we decide to upgrade!
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Re: New gas barbecue - any recommendations

Hi, I've got an Ultimate and it has a roasting hood with a glass window and temperature gauge.
We have heaps of BBQ's and this one is nearly 10 years old and the body is pretty much burnt out. I have affixed brackets to hold the grill plate.
I had a wok burner but it virtually hadn't been used.

My mate inherited a barbie and his old one was the same as mine minus the roasting hooding and was hardly used, so he gave it to me.
I took the hood off my old one and attached it to his and now I have a pretty much brand new BBQ.
I would be lost without the rotisserie and the roasting hood.
My mates BBQ is on a wooden trolley without a wok burner.
If I was buying a new BBQ today I would look for the following features; stainless steel for the ease of cleaning, roasting hood with viewing window and temperature gauge, enclosed cupboard underneath to store gas bottle and utensils, wheeled trolley for moving your BBQ if needed.
I have two 9kg gas bottles and when one is emptied I fill it up and that way there always is a full bottle on hand.
Connecting to mains gas if you can, is good and eliminates running out of gas and the need for bottles.

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Re: New gas barbecue - any recommendations

Can't go wrong with the Matadors and Beef Eaters mate. Im about to do a fixed BBQ install in time for summer and will buy another new 6 burner for that. Stick with gas for convenience, why complicate things?

I have a weber and spit for roasting/smoking.
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Re: New gas barbecue - any recommendations

Shawn, I reckon it all boils down to the amount of cash you want to splash around. I'm with Project Pete on this one as I've got a hooded Weber and also one of those Weber Family Qs. Both are fantastic, but I don't see the need to check the meat through the glass panel. I just trust my barbie and my tried and tested skill over many years of burnt steaks and sausages! Roasting on my Weber is a dream and now that I have it down pat, I would only invest in a Weber. Good luck with your shopping, it's always good to see what's new on the market, but don't be fooled by gimmicks, etc. And don't buy a barbie that isn't future-proof. The more burners – the better. Mind you this comes from a bloke with no eyebrows!
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Re: New gas barbecue - any recommendations

Still procrastinating.


Anyone cooked on a Weber Genesis? 

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