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No digging or bending vegetable garden stand

Finding My Feet

No digging or bending vegetable garden stand

As I am getting older and finding it harder to dig I decided I wanted this stand made and then using Bunnings white buckets I made them wicking so no need to water every day.


The stand was basic but then added wheels so movable in my outdoor area then added the top section so I could add screen to roll down in extreme hot weather. 


  • Timber
  • nails
  • screws
  • wheels
  • buckets
  • potting mix
  • netting
  • rope
  • pulleys
  • paint.

Hanging rack and hanging baskets.


  • Saw
  • drill
  • hammer


Step 1

1.Bought the timber then using a template and with help of handyman Steve cut all the pieces required.

Step 2

2.We then started to put together using the guide I had.

Step 3

3.When completed I decided I wanted more timer to go across the front section so I had somewhere to lean and place things when planting up.

Step 4

4.Then bought all the buckets and tubing for watering and caps to stop mosquitoes breading in the water below.

Step 5

5.I then decided it needed a top section so I could add hanging flowers to bring bees.

Step 6

6.Then netting curtin that I could roll up and down and wheels so I could move around depending on weather.

Step 7

7.Then it was time to add the potting mix the different fertiliser and then the plants. 


Now I can walk out cut what's needed for meal and no back breaking work. It's the best and most useful thing I have ever made.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: No Digging or Bending Vegetable Garden Stand

Hi @KTW,


Thank you for sharing your first project with the Workshop community!  You have built a great standing garden that many of our members will find inspiring. Your project fits perfectly into the "outdoor" section of Bunnings Australia's Search for the Best Project 2023 and I have entered you in. Many of our wonderful member's projects become Top Ideas like 7 stylish plant stands, you may even find yours in there one day. 


I love the paint colour that you chose to paint the timber, are you able to share the name of it?




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Amassing an Audience

Re: No digging or bending vegetable garden stand

Hi @KTW  I agree with @KatieC this will be inspiring for other members. It's good to see that you built this mobile veggie stand, I like the idea of making it mobile and no bending or kneeling, wishing you a great harvest, now just sit back and wait for the reward.

Is the colour , Dune


Good luck with your entry in the DIY July entry.

Becoming a Leader

Re: No digging or bending vegetable garden stand

What a wonderful idea @KTW These are fab and so practical!

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: No digging or bending vegetable garden stand

Good morning @KTW Wicking Planters are so practical and useful. Looks like you have a good selection of edible plants there. Nothing better than homegrown !!!! Great way to make it easier for yourself 💚🌿 do you have any photos to share of the steps of how you made it ? I think a lot of gardeners would like to try this 😃

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