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Pool deck stage 2

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Pool deck stage 2

The side of the deck needed to have a privacy screen as I could say "Howdy" to the neighbours resonably easy. Years after I built the privacy screen they removed a whole bunch of shubery so it worked well that I had done so.

I also wanted a solid roof over the deck so the deck could still be used in the rain. The whole deck and roof has been standing for a decade with no maintenace other then a 3rd year oil of the deck. 

Stage 3 will be the maintence and the modifications I want (Yet to be done!)




Jarrah timber

Chipboard timber screws 

Recyled timber beams

Recyled trusses

Corrorgated metal for the roofing



Circular saw

Right angle


G clamps



Step 1

Having just finished the deck itself Pool deck stage 1 I really wanted to start boxing in the area. I had sourced the trusses from a recyled timber place (It has since closed its doors)

I had to try and work out how to actually put up trusses, corrorgated metal roof and also the ridge cap without climbing out onto the roof as it is at a resonably high height.02 22-07-2013.jpg

After completing the skirt of the deck I was super keen to at least get one of the privacy screen slats down... Even tho the sun had gone down! Go little green ozito!

03 22-07-2013.jpg

Next day, Showing a lot better what I was up to.

04 22-07-2013.jpg

One of the reasons I wasnt fussed about the extra effort for four posts was I knew it would be easier to keep the slats straight especially the joining of them.

05 22-07-2013.jpg

I allowed 5mm gap between the brickwork and the timber for expansion, possibly should have gone 10mm but I have had no issues in the decade since I put it up.

06 22-07-2013.jpg

It made it feel a LOT more private as I went up the wall.

07 22-07-2013.jpg

Nicely hides the neigbours place. I love how the eyes just blurr it away. That middle join has blened in and is no longer noticable.

08 22-07-2013.jpg

One reason I chose the Jarrah slats.

09 22-07-2013.jpg

Old lattice being used as spacers between the new privacy screen slats :smile:

10 22-07-2013.jpg

I was really happy with the sense of being surrounded. I almost didnt put a roof on it but decided to continue with the original plan. 

11 26-09-2013.jpg

I have gone and forgotten the actual height of the beams. Fairly sure they are at least 3m if not a little higher. I was just tieing the posts together as I worked my way up for stability.

12 26-09-2013.jpg

The reason I was tieing the posts together lol When I was notching the timber with the circular saw and then chiseling. The stays kept it from wobbling.

13 26-09-2013.jpg

Better view to show the stay and the cuts. 

14 26-09-2013.jpg

Working out the height the roof beams and where they were going to be. 

Looking back I should have oiled the timber right then... I was lazy and wanted to complete it all before oiling it. Wrong move I think. 





Step 2

The crossbeams that would support the roof trusses I wanted to be secure as we have fairly high winds where I live. I also had to factor in immovable objects such as the corner of the roof and guttering.

15 26-09-2013.jpg

I used a spare floorboard as my leveler for the posts. No way was I going to try holding up a beam while marking the level on top of the ladder!

16 26-09-2013.jpg

The "solar" heating of the pool... 2-3" black pipe in a coil maybe of 8 circles... Yeah I dont use it as I found it did nothing to the pool temperture.

17 26-09-2013.jpg

I have never gone through as many bolts as I have since working with hardwood. So many times its just cheaper buying by the box.

18 26-09-2013.jpg

Notched! :smile:

19 26-09-2013.jpg

Clearer shot, I was pretty happy with myself making it so tidy.

20 26-09-2013.jpg

Working away bit by bit. The timber beams were HEAVY!

21 26-09-2013.jpg

It looks scarier then it was. The beam wasnt close to the window :smile: Once clamped I put in two bolts diagonally through the beam into the post.

22 26-09-2013.jpg

Ahhh A stuff up.... I didnt factor in that the circular saw wouldnt fit... How do you notch a post that close to the wall?

With a hand saw :smile: Slowly!

23 26-09-2013.jpg

There is something about chiseling that is relaxing...

24 26-09-2013.jpg

I was resonably high up and yeah I know I should not have been standing on the top of the ladder.

25 26-09-2013.jpg

So you can see the two middle posts are standing. These actually dont connect and were meant to be chopped off. I decided to leave them there for the time being as I was going to put a handrail across the space and then that changed to a spa going in next to the deck, so not sure if it will be a step down or handrailed and a step down. Still to be done .... :smile:



Step 3

Once the beams were in place (And drilling 12mm holes at height is not an easy job) It was time to get the trusses up. I only went with three cross beams as the other post came down directly on the grease trap drop off point and I really didnt want to mess with that.

26 26-09-2013.jpg

The rest of the privacy screen was up and the beams were being bolted in place. I decided to leave the posts above the privacy screen in case I needed them (And they are still there to this day)

27 26-09-2013.jpg

It was a very solid structure even before the trusses were put up.

28 26-09-2013.jpg


29 26-09-2013.jpg30 26-09-2013.jpg31 26-09-2013.jpg

Looking back at the photos I am kicking myself over not oiling the floorboards as I did them in stages.

32 26-09-2013.jpg

Have to say It makes it worthwhile to sit at the end of the day and look at whats been done.

33 15-10-2013.jpg

The trusses were not particulary heavy being pine. I was a little conceerned about the type of timber but it was too good a chance at $120 for the 6 of them. (remember it was a 11 years ago)

35 15-10-2013.jpg

First one in and up,having the tall posts did end up helping me out :smile:

36 13-01-2014.jpg

Making my way across the beams. I was using the roof battens to also temporarily hold in place the trusses as I wanted the spacing right and had never attached trusses before so was a little nervous.

37 13-01-2014.jpg

I really felt I was having a lot of fun doing this stage. 

38 13-01-2014.jpg39 13-01-2014.jpg

Connecting the trusses to the beams. I really didnt want any type of movement in them. 

40 13-01-2014.jpg

You can see the particle board that I used to help me move around. That way I wasnt hanging off the top of a ladder over reaching but could still stand up.

41 13-01-2014.jpg

All lining up nicely and attaching nicely using the straps?

42 13-01-2014.jpg

Maybe I should measure the height lol and also looking back I should have painted them before I put them up lol

43 28-01-2014.jpg

Modifying some of the trusses as they were rotten in sections but mainly because of the angle of the house roof verse the angle of the deck.

44 28-01-2014.jpg

To show the height I was at... Yeah ummmm

45 28-01-2014.jpg

I was running out of roof battens that I had recovered from a site that had a torn down house and didnt really think they were necassary... lol I was kicking myself I hadnt grabbed more!

46 28-01-2014.jpg

The two modified trusses. The bottom of them was fine it was just the angle that would impact the tiles. The whole deck is freestanding and I didnt want any of it to touch the house or back room.

47 28-01-2014.jpg

All the trusses are in! :laugh: I wasnt sure how I was going to cover the bit from the rear of the roof to the back of the house but decided to leave it to do later. (still not done lol)

Step 4

Time for the corrorgated roofing to go on, I remember thinking it should be cheap (it was dearer then I expected lol) and went with a local supplier. I had never done a roof before so it was a bit of a learning curve with the battens, rubber washered screws, the square edges and the peak of the roof. Plus lining up the sheets so the drip line was level.

48 26-03-2014.jpg

That particle board fitted the bill perfectly I just kept sliding it around to where I was working! I am gald I had things pretty square for the trusses and the floor base as this is where it would show up in a big way. If I didnt get the first sheet right then the next would be out and so on. It made it hard as the deck was not  square to the house but a little odd shapped to line up with the fenceline (1m from it I think)

49 26-03-2014.jpg50 26-03-2014.jpg

Bit by bit is a favorite saying of mine. Break it down to smaller chunks and anything can become manageble.

51 26-03-2014.jpg

I was impressed that the sheets of courrogated steel came with an extra top and bottom sheet to protect the coating!

52 26-03-2014.jpg

Wondering how close the two sides should be at the peak, in the end I just guesstimated it :smile:

53 26-03-2014.jpg

Ahhh the modified piece to align with the house corner. I spent so long trying to visulise it and get it right before lifting it up, I think I had to bring it down two times before the angles were ok.

54 26-03-2014.jpg

One thing I hadnt factored in was a facia board for a gutter.. And yep thats on the list to do for the next stage of maintainence :smile:

55 26-03-2014.jpg

Where the roof meets the roof... Lots of fun but woked it out!

56 26-03-2014.jpg

Just showing how I "crawled across the roof" I delibratley made sure I kept my body weight centered and low. I made sure I did not listen to that guy on the shoulder that says "a little bit more is ok, just a little more" lol That guy has no fear!

57 26-03-2014.jpg

From the ground on the low side of the deck looking up at the trusses :smile: Need to make it a feature I think.

58 26-03-2014.jpg

Almost there, I was getting nervous about the ridge cap being put on as it would mean I would have to go out onto the roof and do it. In the end I did one end from the left hand side by standing on the overhang of the roof beams (lucky I hadnt chopped it off!) and then most of it from the house side. I only had to go out onto the roof more then I was comfortable with by 500mm maybe.

59 26-03-2014.jpg

All done! I was very happy with how it came together and really it stops a LOT of the rain even tho its open at two ends.

60 26-03-2014.jpg

The largest span, but with so many trusses I really wasnt concerned.

61 21-10-2014.jpg

Finally got around to oiling the deck. I really should have done it a lot earlier. Live and learn.

62 21-10-2014.jpg

The oil still worked a treat and brought it together.

63 21-10-2014.jpg

Completed! :laugh: Oh yeah!. I did two coats of oil.

65 24-10-2014.jpg

It really felt nice to have it done. I had wanted it done so I could move onto other parts that I wanted to build next -


-A side bench with a spot for a gas bbq next to the house (yeah since reading the recomendations on this page I think ive change that idea of having gas next to a wall of the house :smile: )

- Steps at the back of the deck (since changed to a deck around the dutch spa idea I am going to try)

- Lighting via 240V (never got done, life took over)

- External GPO (never got done, life took over)

- Privacy fence down at the gate (Courtyard privacy fence and gate build ) it got built and in spades! :smile:

-Guttering front and back, atm when it rains the back side falls into the pool and helps change the PH fast!  I need to store the water and then use it for the garden or at least a controlled fill of the pool.


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Pool deck stage 2

Hi @Dave-1 


Thank you for that update. That roof will definitely extend the life of your deck. The oil coating has really brought the flooring and privacy screen together. Will you be installing festoon lights inside or just a large light source? It keeps looking better every time I look at it. 


Again, thank you for sharing such a fantastic project.




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Home Improvement Guru

Re: Pool deck stage 2

Morning @EricL 

Thank you Eric,Ive had various configurations of fairy lights over the years. The idea was for a large light source, well 2 of them in the style of 1950's industrial lamps with a sealed glass cover plate. I must admit I havnet really thought of what style I would like now... It will need to tie in with teh courtyard just down from the deck and the spa area yet to be done. Mmmm Somthing to bumpp up my list of ideas lol


Now you have me thinking! I really should be focusing on the courtyard area but I do think its time for some maintenance of the deck first... (My brain keeps going for the easier projects lol)



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