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Recommendations for welding equipment

Just Starting Out

Recommendations for welding equipment

Bossweld.jpgHi I like to diy. I would like some recommendations on welding machine. Looking at something simple to operate and not pricy. 

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Re: Recommendations for welding equipment

Hi @fredom,


Welcome to Workshop and apologies for the slow reply. 


Let me tag a few members for you with welding experience, including @Brad@royq@Noyade and @r23on.  


What kinds of projects are you thinking about? The more information you provide the more specific advice that our helpful members can provide. 






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Re: Recommendations for welding equipment

Hi @fredom, I recently bought a bossweld MST185 from Bunnings, was under $400 from memory. It runs well on 240v 10A power (regular power point), and comes set up for mig welding which is the easiest way to get strong welds if you're just starting out. Just make sure to buy gasless (flux cored) wired so that you don't need to hire argon cylinder and buy gas.

Cheers, Roy 

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Re: Recommendations for welding equipment

The fist question to ask is what sort of work do you want to do? The biggest mistake people make is they buy equipment that finishes up too small to do the work required.
I use a UniMig multifunction TIG MIG ARC don't use the arc and use the TIG mainly a good possibility is the VIPER 120 SYNERGIC a 10 amp unit Inverter and shout give a good range of material thickness
Have a look at Hear and Forbs they have a good range at good range and good prices.
The task you want to do will dictate what the size of machine.

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