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Retain-it retaining wall build

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Retain-it retaining wall build

Hi everyone,


Just like to share some pics of a retaining wall that I completed a while ago.

I used the Retain-it system from Bunnings. 

It was pretty straight forward to build. Most of the wall is 600mm high (3 sleepers high) with a small section coming out around 800mm high.

Most of the wall consisted of 2400 and 3000 pine sleepers. On these runs I also put in a center support too to stop them from bowing out.

Using the Retain-it system made it really easy to bend the wall around the corner too.

Before I installed the sleepers I Painted the back and bottoms of them with bitcoat to help keep the moisture out and hopefully last longer.

I started the build with the steps and worked along from there.

once all in we stained the sleepers and they all came up great.



Retain-it post

2400x200x50 H4 pine sleepers

3000x200x50 H4 pine sleepers

120mm gal bolts, washers and nuts





Step 1

Started with the steps



Step 2

then headed up the hill



Step 3

Then down the hill and around the corner and built another set of steps up near the gate.



Step 4

Pretty much all done after some mulch and stain.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Retain-it retaining wall build

Great job @Baggs. I know getting retaining walls professionally built can be very expensive, so I'm sure your great work here will help inspire many community members to save money and have a go themselves. 


What were some of the biggest lessons learned during the build?




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Re: Retain-it retaining wall build


Nice work on the retaining wall! Thats a lot of shifting soil :smile: It came up really nicely and love those straight lines!



Having an Impact

Re: Retain-it retaining wall build

Hi @Jason ,


Cheers for that.

Probably the most important thing is just do your research and take your timbe.

There are plenty of videos and articles online that helped out a heap.



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