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Side Gate

Finding My Feet

Side Gate

Hi Everyone,


I just found this site last night and I love this idea! I am very much a begginer in the DIY world but want to do something with my hands that I can be proud of! I think I will be a regualr here given I am also looking to do a deck and a possibly a pergola.


So my first project is down the side of my house- I am looking at putting a gate in. The space is roughly 1600 wide. I am wanting to have access down the side if needed (very rarely) so I dont want to put a post in between. I am unsure if I should make two symetrical gates at 800 each or make a main gate at 1200. Given the location I am looking to cement one post in (fence side) and dynabolt the other side to the house.


The other thing I am not sure on is what to use on the front of the gate? I would like a horizontal dark wood look to match the house.


Would appreciate any tips anyone can give! 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Side Gate

Great to have you join us @bazz27. I'm sure you can learn a lot from our clever and experienced community members.


This sounds like a terrific project. Before I hand over to the community to assist, you might find these previous discussions helpful and inspiring:





Thanks again for joining us and a very warm welcome to the community. Feel free to post whenever you need a hand with a home improvement project or have something to share. We look forward to seeing how this project and many others progress in the coming weeks and months...




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Re: Side Gate

Just thought I'd bump this one for you @bazz27 as you didn't get a reply. Have you had a crack at it yet?


If not, this is probably a good start - 


Regarding the "dark wood look", that's more the stain you use rather than the wood itself. 

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