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Side transformation: Cubby house & veggie garden

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Side transformation: Cubby house & veggie garden

At the time, we had a very active toddler who loved to be outside. The side of our house was used as a storage area, so we decided to transform it into a vegetable garden and cubby house where we could escape into paradise. 

This is the most used space in our home and I know our children will continue to create fond memories for years to come. 


Step 1

Clear the area - removed the rocks, flattened the ground and prepped the area ready for the g


Step 2

After purchasing my sleepers from Bunnings, we began building the garden bed. We kept some of the leftover rocks and put them in the bottom for drainage. 

Step 3

We used gypsum clay breaker to soften the clay underneath before putting a layer of topsoil down… we’re now ready to turf28284A05-E19F-4C2F-88E1-8CBA3B0C08E1.jpeg

Step 4

We laid the turf and built most of the cubby frame work in the garage. We painted most side before it went up due to the limited space between the fence9DB6901E-02BC-474A-8327-0447386504A7.jpeg

Step 5

Turf laid, veggies planted and the cubby house is starting to come together…


Step 6

A few extra toys from Bunnings and the space is complete 4F6B2FD6-9AA5-43CF-9727-31C15DB14DE8.jpeg

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: Side Transformation - Cubby House & Veggie Garden

Hi @jamesaward,


We couldn't be happier to welcome you to the Bunnings Workshop community! It is awesome you have joined and we sincerely appreciate you sharing your garden project with us. The incorporation of new turf, a vegetable garden, and a toddler-friendly cubby house is simply impressive. I agree, some great memories are going to be made in this lovely new space. Should anyone feel inspired by your project and wish to embark on their own, would you kindly offer any advice?

Projects like yours have the potential to be featured in our Top Ideas articles, such as our Top 10 most popular garden makeovers. Who knows, maybe yours will earn a spot there one day! We hope that Bunnings Workshop will continue to serve as an invaluable source of guidance and inspiration for you.




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Re: Side transformation: Cubby house & veggie garden

Good afternoon @jamesaward 

Thats a tidy area now and much better looking! :smile: I like the cubby house design, did you come up with it yourself or was it a kit design?



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Re: Side transformation: Cubby house & veggie garden

Cubby house and Edible Garden side by side, perfect !!!!!! I bet you harvested heaps of zucchini’s @jamesaward Makes my heart happy 🌿😃 What have you got growing in there now ? 

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Re: Side transformation: Cubby house & veggie garden

Thank you it definitely was a good harvest next time won’t plant them so close haha. We currently have passion fruit, beetroot, peas, and lettuce also added a bath tub with some sweet potatoes. The kids love it and enjoy getting in the garden and helping:)

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Re: Side transformation: Cubby house & veggie garden

Well my wife Pinterest a few looks she liked and my father in law and I built it from scratch. Which we got everything from Bunnings. The colour bond sheets for the roof are usually special order but the Northlakes Bunnings have a few random colours in sometimes. 

but price wise you can even get a flat pack cubby from bunning for the same price in the end I think we saved about $300 but ours is much larger than a flat pack one. I’m not tall I’m 5’8 but I can stand up in there with clearance which is a bonus 

Growing in Experience

Re: Side Transformation - Cubby House & Veggie Garden

Hey Katie thanks for the kind words and I will definitely be happy to offer any advice to any comments. 

there is always more projects to be done and we pretty much live at Bunnings so I’ll keep adding some more content 


thanks again

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