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Suggestions for top of handrail?

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Suggestions for top of handrail?

I am after some ideas of a handrail for my privacy screen I have built. I am almost at the point of installing it/cutting timbers to the correct height and cannot narrow a type of actual header for the handrail.

The structure has slats for the side of the handrails so nothing can go through, I am after the top part for capping it. 

I want to replicate the style for my patio area (next on the list as the handrail has fallen apart) 

I am heading towards fiinding some hardwood timber 40mm * 300mm as I want to be able to place a cup/plate on the handrail.

Any ideas? Even narrower handrails might be considered.


01 30-04-2022.jpg

The final height is going to be around 3.6m I think. This is from my neighbours footpath.02 30-04-2022.jpg

To show what the small decking area will look like.03 30-04-2022.jpg

The Shortest post. I did consuider the front being a little taller but decioded on wanting the whole lot to finish at the same level.

04 30-04-2022.jpg

To give an idea of what the front looks like.05 30-04-2022.jpg

This is the patio area yet to be started. Its had a hard life. I want to do it in the same style as the privacy screen. It will have an awning and supporting posts. The handrails being the same (whatever they are) will tie it together I think. Really open to ideas.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Suggestions for top of handrail?

If you are looking for a durable and stylish option for your handrail, hardwood timber is a great choice @Dave-1. 300 x 40mm is a decent chunk of hardwood. We go up to a reasonable size in-store, but that normally tops out around the 140mm mark. It would certainly be worth having a chat with a team member at your local stores Special Orders desk so they can make some enquiries with our suppliers to see what they can order for you. The other option would be to laminate some timber together, but it would certainly be easier if we sourced you the calibre of your choice.


140 x 19mm decking makes a nice handrail; I've used it before. It might be a bit skinny if you are going for that chunky look.


Let me mention @TedBear to see if he has any thoughts.




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Re: Suggestions for top of handrail?


Yeah that is a decent size, you have me thinking of the width and is it realistic that I suggested. I do like the timber you suggested but maybe not the finger joined timber but the solid piece. It would solve my problem as something wide enough to put a cup or plate on. I could also screw a smaller piece say 90mm width underneath it to give sides (20mm either side) to the flat top plus strengthen it from wanting to flex when people lean on it. Mmmm That could work.



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