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The She Shed

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Re: The She Shed

Good morning kaylah_rose.  About my SHE-SHED.   I'm definately late to this party too! I bought my old 70's cabin back in late January - the difference for me is that I LIVE in her ! The poor old girl had been neglected and ignored for some time, but as I posted earlier I have dragged her kicking and screaming into this decade. I have not done all the work myself, but I'm trying.(some people might say'very')  However, when I first came across her, nestled under the gums and close to the river I knew we would be good together - the old sheila and her she-shed                                                                                                                             

 She hasn't disappointed so far but I have to tell you, renovating ain't no place for sissies ! In the last two months, apart from the usual nicks and cuts I have gashed myself with a stanley knife, (6 stitches at Emergency) damaged ligament in my wrist,twisted my ankle(before the steps were installed) and spent numerous evenings trying to evict a possum and too many spiders who thought they had existing tenancy rights ! And now comes 'the deck' - love my She-Shed!! Cheers.

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Re: The She Shed


G'day kid

You're getting off lightly, we built in the mid 70s & it's been a relentless money pit ever since. Not only is the ever increaing maintenance to-do items killing me, but my darling wife bought a burnt orange designer cushion the other day. : (

I tell yah, there's no escaping the nightmare.

And you'd better brace yourself if 6 stitches in emergency messes with your day. ; )



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Re: The She Shed

This week's Woman's Day magazine has a little article about the growing popularity of she sheds and has a little cedar shed from Bunnings pictured. 


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