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The domino effect of renovating

Making a Splash

The domino effect of renovating

Hi everyone,


I've noticed something strange on my street in the past few weeks and wondered if anyone else has noticed the same thing with their neighbours.


It's the domino effect of home improvement! 


A couple at the end of our street recently decided to makeover the exterior of their house. They hired professionals to paint it, replaced a sleeper fence with a nice picket fence and added in a new carport. It looks like a new house...


Since they started their project, it has caused a huge ripple effect! 


Last week alone, three other houses on the street had called in professional painters and their next door neighbours are now also fixing their picket fence.


This is in additon to a major renovation, a new house being built and our renovation (which is all interiors).


We are only a small street of 30 houses, but everyone seems to have caught the renovating bug. 


Has anyone else experienced this??

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: The domino effect of renovating

Yeah I've noticed this before. Love a bit of friendly competition. I even notice it with something a simple as mowing the lawn.

I like it. Keeps the street looking nice and values sitting high :smile:
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Re: The domino effect of renovating

It's amazing @ProjectPete - anything to make the street look nicer is great in my opinion! 

Re: The domino effect of renovating

It's up there with the domino effect of Festive Lighting!


One of my proudest D.I.Y. achievements was laying a brick letterbox out the front of our first home, lovingly crafted from leftover bricks of the house build.


So letterbox and house tied in together beautifully. I'd stand across the street and just admire my own work, Colorbond roof style. Truth be told I accidentally reversed over it in the car one day, and then employed the services of a brickie to reconstruct it.




The neighbour across the road loved it so much that they built exactly the same letterbox. But theirs was a little lop-sided, and uneven, and make from bricks that didn't match their house.


We felt a little copied, and they were forever referred to as "the neighbours with the letterbox that isn't as good as ours".

Becoming a Leader

Re: The domino effect of renovating

I wish more houses in our street would take more pride over their gardens and house exteriors rather than leaving their rubbish piles and overgrown weeds everwhere. 

Re: The domino effect of renovating

Our neighbours are all copying each other when choosing the exterior colours of their's definitely 50 shades of grey!


I will only use grey as an accent colour when we paint the exterior because it's all looking very 'cookie cutter'. 

Re: The domino effect of renovating

The domino effect of renovating can sometimes be followed by the domino effect of the auction sign going up! 

Getting Established

Re: The domino effect of renovating

Years ago when we built our fence we had a house down the road copy it exactly. As a person who likes our house to stand out, I think people should find ways to make the designs their own. 
But in saying that, it is a sign that people do like my taste and design of things that I do. We had 3 people that I know of do exactly the same design for their fence in our street!

Having an Impact

Re: The domino effect of renovating

We've also noticed this! We've just completed a front yard makeover which had us out the front for two weeks straight (well, in between work). But we had so many neighbours wonder by and comment. Also opened up our opportunity to meet our neighbourhood. 


But since we've finished we've noticed more and more neighbours who have never touched their front yard, mowing, weeding and cleaning.


Encouraged house pride!

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