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What is the best chisel for hardwood?

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What is the best chisel for hardwood?

I’d like advice on the best chisel/s to purchase for general use AND use on Hardwood. I have read mixed reviews on the Trojan brand (whom I mostly purchase). I am after sustained sharpness and no rusting. 

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: What is the best chisel for hardwood?

Hello @PaulaD 


Thanks for sharing your question about chisels. I suggest having a look at the Stanley FatMax 6 Piece Thru Tang Butt Chisel Set. If you are planning on investing in a good set of chisels this Stanley 6 piece is the way to go. It has superb edge retention, and my favourite part is that the steel shaft goes all the way to the top.


This means that you are not hitting plastic when tapping the chisel, it's going directly into the steel. Therefore, there is very little chance that the handle will break. This chisel set will work well on both hardwood and softwoods.


Let me call on our experienced members @TedBear, @JoeAzza and @Nailbag for their recommendations.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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Re: What is the best chisel for hardwood?

I’m with @EricL on the Stanley’s for that very reason that the metal goes through the handle and splays out at the top.


Mine are about 15yrs old before the FatMax ones came out. A good balance of price vs features. The other main one being the hardness of steel so it stays shaper for longer and reduced damage should you strike metal. 


I have a couple of the cheaper brand ones that I use when I need a chisel but I know it’s likely to be damaged. 


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Re: What is the best chisel for hardwood?

I have been watching this conversation and I am thankful that @PaulaD asked the question.

Thanks for your recommendation @EricL and @Nailbag.  I was wondering what might be recommended, since my chisels are ancient and I wanted to know what best to replace them with. Your suggestion and reasons makes a lot of sense to me.

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Re: What is the best chisel for hardwood?

Hi @PaulaD  I agree with @EricL

and other  members, that Stanley brand is a good chisel. These Stanley chisel belonged to my father, they would well over 60 years old, still going strong


 I also have these older chisels, I have refurbished and sharpened the timber handle ones, they also belonged to my father, just not sure what brand. They were fro garbage sale and the blue handled one I found on a walking track.



 The following chisels by Nate’s are my favourites, very sharp, I only use these on brand new timber only, no nails 😀


 The only thing I can say is any chisel you chose are good, as long as you look after them and keep them sharp, also check your timber for hidden screws etc that will damage your chisel,  as for rust, I suggest to keep them dry, or lightly oiled when not in use.

i also use a timber mallet when using my chisels, it protects the end of the handles


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