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Workbench that will see some weather activity

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Workbench that will see some weather activity

Hey folks, looking for some advice about wood types. I'm going to build a workbench and have found a lot of great examples on this forum for how to do it, but mine will be on a balcony so it needs to be somewhat weatherproof.


It's pretty well covered with 3 walls and a roof - basically like a room missing 1 wall, but it will definitely see some weather activity, mostly rain. So am wondering what wood people would recommend using?


I'd also like to be able to store a few things inside it, as protected from the weather as possible - it'll mostly be bits and pieces like hand tools and bit-kits, no power tools. If there are suggestions for making protected drawers or cabinet recommendations that would be awesome.


Thanks a mill!

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Workbench that will see some weather activity

Hi @dannyrus,


I would advise using H3 treated pine in constructing the frame and Marine-grade plywood for the benchtop and sides as these materials will both cope well with that type of exposure. You might also like to consider what sort of cover might fit over the bench to minimise the amount of moisture it receives. Some options would include utilising a flat top BBQ cover or a furniture cover like the Polytuf Samara Rectangular Coffee Table Cover.


In regards to storing things that are protected from the weather, I suggest building the storage area to accommodate Inabox sealed storage containers. They have an IPX7 water-resistant rating, will prevent any rain getting to the hand tools and you won't have to worry so much about making the cabinetry water-proof.


Let me mention a few helpful members @Brad, @woodenwookie, @r23on and @Poppop who might like to contribute to the conversation about exterior workbenches.


Please let me know if you require further information or have any questions.




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Re: Workbench that will see some weather activity

All great suggestions Mitchel. The only other alternative I can think of would be to use hardwood.

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Re: Workbench that will see some weather activity

I would also paint it with some weather proof paint. It should help keep water from the pores in the wood. This will stop it from warping over time. You’d only really need to worry about the ends as this is where the moisture mostly gets in.

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Re: Workbench that will see some weather activity

As a suggestion I would look at the framework to be hardwood, pine has tendencies to warping over time due to the number of knots in the timber when exposed to changes in weather. Also as pointed out painting with a good quality paint. But keep in mind timber expands and shrinks with weather changes, exposing all joints painted or not. However I would paint the framework to protect the timber for the long term.

As Mitchell has suggested marine grade plywood for the top but I would go further and use it on all the sides and to make it look good use a marine grade varnish to finish. 

In areas where there is a tendency for water to collect I would put adjustable feet raising the bench off the ground preventing the timbre rotting from floor up.

Hope this helps with your project





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Re: Workbench that will see some weather activity

Guys thanks so much for these suggestions - all great advice, I'll use it all.


In real terms I think I'll be working on this for a while, but will add progress photos so it hopefully helps anyone building something similar in the future. I forgot to mention it's going to double as a stand for the Weber, but with all the material suggestions, paint etc, I think all scenarios are well covered. I might add an extra plank or layer to sit under the bbq to keep the bench free from cooking oil.


Really appreciate it! Thank you :laugh:

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