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Hi All, I am planning to fill my front yard with soil at the same level as retaining wall. The top level of retaining wall is approximately 300mm high ...

Community Newcomer

Hi All, I am planning to install modular decking on the alfresco. The issue is, there are 5 weep holes that are approximately 100-110 mm from the floo ...

Cultivating a Following

 hey team Looking at doing some maintenance on my front facade and I've spotted the truss joint looks in need of maintenance. I was thinking external ...

Community Newcomer

I've just moved into a property that has two gates that run along the side of the apartment building right next to the entrance. It doesn't feel very ...

Community Newcomer

Hello experts, We recently purchased a house which has a undercover patio. There is a brick veneer supporting column that has been rendered. We're not ...

Growing in Experience
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How to repair or replace a old clothesline that is damaged by the strong wind? Which model to buy from Bunning to replace this one?How to dig out the ...

Just Starting Out
4 replies

Hi I just want to know if I can use indoor ceiling paint for under eaves outside and the carport ceiling.

Building a Reputation
18 replies

Hi I am thinking of setting up multiple matrix screens next to each other that sit on top of my deck to add some privacy, more likely to go with this ...

Building a Reputation
5 replies

Hi all Last year I connected a few cinderblocks on top of each other using landscaping glue to be used for on part of my bench. I'd like to separat ...

Just Starting Out
7 replies

Hi there I have a rainwater tank connected to the house roof (new build) and whoever installed the Holman Stormwater Caps on the intake pipes put th ...

Just Starting Out
13 replies

Hi everyone first time home owner/complete novice hoping someone can.assist we have a black mud driveway and i need help in determining how to fix it. ...

Growing in Experience
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     I purchased a 2000 x 2100 fibreglass/concrete water feature yesterday. During transport the face panel received a hairline crack aprox 900mm. ...

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