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rotisserie tips

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rotisserie tips

I’ve just bought a rotisserie for my barbie. What’s a good way to start for a newbie? A small leg of lamb? Anyone got any tips to ensure a tasty result? I’m particularly interested in what temperature I should be aiming for. I reckon I also need to buy a meat thermometer so I can test when the meat is done. I'm not sure I trust the gauge on the barbie lid. 



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Re: rotisserie tips

Great move @Shane!  I added a rotisserie to my barbie about two years ago and never looked back.  A lamb roast in the oven simply doesn't cut it any more... unfortunately I'm now a roast snob.


The first lamb I roasted took me about twice as long as the second one - just working out all the moving pieces, holding temperature steady, all that stuff.  So I certainly recommend a 'low risk' trial as your first effort and not have a hungry family waiting for the results!


Tips and learnings from me:


Attaching the lamb to the shaft is an art form!  Practice, practice, practice!  I used a pair of plyers to tighten the thumbscrews to ensure no slippage.


Personally I find the lamb is always slightly more done than the meat thermometer tells me.


My rule of thumb is 200 deg. celsius and 45 minutes per kilo.


My secret tips is to add an enamel dish filled with beer - the flavour this adds to the roast is amazing.


Piercing holes, and adding sprigs of rosemary and slivers of garlic is mandatory!  This combined with the beer flavour is bliss!


Good luck!

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Re: rotisserie tips

@Ben do you use a deboned leg of lamb?


Good tip regarding the beer - I must try that. 


Obviously many people recommend piecing lamb with rosemary and garlic when doing a traditional roast in a tray, but I would be wary about doing it on the BBQ for fear of flare ups and/or drying out the meat. Do you find that piecing the meat causes lots of juice to come out? Do you put a tray underneath the meat?

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Re: rotisserie tips

Start with an evenly shaped (rolled) piece of meat to make it easier to control even cooking.

45mins/kg @ 190deg Celsius

Start meat from room temperature. Rest it for 5-10 mins.

Be creative and brave with your flavours. Spicy rubs are amazing. Middle Eastern flavours work a treat with lamb.

Catch the juices and use in your gravy and even baste your roast veg with it.
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Re: rotisserie tips

I've heard of beer can chicken but hadn't heard anyone putting a dish filled with beer in with the roast. Must give it a try.

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