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10 ways to update your garden

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Projects Editor

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Making your garden more colourful, relaxing and healthy can be an easy and affordable D.I.Y. project.

From installing lights to using water features, Bunnings Workshop members have shared many ways to transform their garden. Get inspired by some examples below.

1. Build an outdoor bench

Bench seats provide a relaxing space for enjoying the garden. Sandra (@sandy_d)'s outdoor corner makeover included a bench seat made using Besser blocks and a concrete planter.


Outdoor bench_edited.png


For anyone looking to use Sandra’s design, check out this simple step-by-step guide on how to build a Besser block bench seat.


2. Use water features


Create a calming and tranquil atmosphere in your garden by using water features like bird baths, ponds and fountains. Experienced Workshop member Adam shares a comprehensive guide on how to build a pond with built-in seating.

Garden pond_3.png


An outdoor water feature doesn’t have to be a difficult D.I.Y. project. You can create a pond in a pot in a few hours. 


3. Add a garden screen


Garden screens can make for striking features in your garden while adding privacy and concealing unsightly views. Kaushal (@SmileDesigner) used Merbau fence screening to enliven his backyard garden.



Brad’s dog-friendly garden screening also helps keep pets out of the garden. Have a look at the Top 10 most popular screening projects shared on Workshop for more ideas.


4. Install edging


Maintain a neat and organised garden by installing garden edging. Kirsty (@EleventhCoastal)’s low-maintenance garden makes great use of Oxy-Shield steel garden edging.


Garden edging_edited2.jpeg


Here are tips on How to choose garden edging.


5. Install outdoor lights

Outdoor lights are perfect for increasing visibility in your garden after dark and showcasing plants and features.


Garden lighs_3.png

Check out Ettienne (@ettman8)'s illuminated garden for more inspiration.


6. Construct a raised garden bed


A raised bed can make for an attractive and functional feature in your garden. Adam's decorative raised garden bed with seating is built from cost-effective timber but gives the look of more expensive masonry.


Raised garden bed with seating.jpg


Adam shares an easy method of building a raised garden bed in How to build a simple raised garden bed.

7. Use bee houses


Bee houses are more than just charming garden ornaments – they're also a great way to attract pollinators and improve your garden’s health. Michelle (@mich1972)’s native bee and pollinator house provides much-needed space for solitary native bees to rest and nest.


Bee house_edited.jpeg


Resident D.I.Y. expert Mitchell (@MitchellMc) created a Bunnings Warehouse-themed bee house.


8. Build planter boxes


Use planter boxes to showcase your favourite plants and grow them in style. Workshop member @Nidge's raised timber planter boxes with built-in seating dramatically transformed their backyard garden.


Planter boxes.jpeg


Find more ideas for your space with our Top 10 most popular planter box projects

9. Make a vertical garden


Perfect for those with smaller areas, vertical gardens can provide more space for growing herbs, flowers and vegetables. Judy (@kel)'s self-watering vertical garden is a good example.


Vertical garden_edited4.png


Create your own vertical garden by following this step-by-step guide: How to build a vertical garden.


10. Create a pathway


A well-designed pathway can make your garden more accessible while adding character.


Garden path_option2.png

Those looking for a cost-effective option should check out Tayler (@TaylerMayd)'s garden path made using travertine pavers and gravel. Don’t miss these Paving ideas for outdoor entertaining areas for more inspiration.


More advice and inspiration for updating your garden


Resident horticulturalist Adam's simple guide How to give your garden a makeover may come in handy for those planning on refreshing their gardens.


You should also find our How To section very helpful, including the guides How to plan a garden makeover and How to choose plants for your garden


For more project inspiration, check out our Top 10 most popular garden makeovers.


If you need more assistance with updating your garden, the Bunnings Workshop community can help. Don’t hesitate to ask a question.

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