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Top 10 most popular garage and shed projects

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The Bunnings Workshop community includes many people passionate and skilled in tackling D.I.Y. projects, so it’s no surprise that they spend plenty of time making their garage and shed both functional and a great space to work.


Some have even transformed old garages and sheds into wonderful new spaces to extend their living area and increase the value of their homes. 


If you need inspiration or advice for improving your garage and shed, creating handy storage options, or building a new workbench, the Workshop community is here to help.


Check out our Top 10 most popular garage and shed projects on Workshop by pageviews:

 This garage floor transformation has been the most popular project on Workshop in any categoryThis garage floor transformation has been the most popular project on Workshop in any category 

1. Epoxy garage floor transformation by @maknilsin 


Workshop’s most popular project. Whether you have an old garage floor or just want to improve the look of a new one, this is a brilliant example of what can be achieved with a simple D.I.Y. floor coating kit.


2. Drill charging station by @Wayne 


Experienced woodworker Wayne has shared many fantastic projects with the community, but none have been as popular as this very clever storage solution for cordless drills. Wayne also made a fantastic second version, and we have published a full step-by-step guide to making your own.


3. Portable workbench and garage shelving by @Tara86 


A terrific example of what can be achieved with customised storage and an accessible working area, even with relatively limited space. Tara's portable workbench is a particularly smart idea in a shared space like a garage.

 Rodney's workbenchRodney's workbench

4. D.I.Y. portable bike stand by @Tara86  


Tara created a wonderful portable bike stand on castors so she could quickly and easily move them around. After receiving many plaudits from the community and requests from members wanting to build something similar, Tara generously shared step-by-step instructions on how to replicate the project.


5. Custom workbench with built-in tool storage by @Rodney 


We admire the research that went into this practical workbench. Rodney had “never built anything serious” previously, but his planning work to create plenty of storage and work space really paid off.


6. Garage storage makeover by @lcooksey88 


With the goal of increasing storage space and providing a functional workspace, Workshop member lcooksey88 tackled this impressive garage makeover using Pinnacle storage products such as pegboards to mount and display various tools.


Almost too good to use as a workbenchAlmost too good to use as a workbench

7. D.I.Y. Workbench by @Baggs 


Almost too good to use as a workbench, this popular project used a Pine frame and ply for the benchtop. Let us know if you would like to build something similar and we will be happy to help. 


8. Old shed to funky studio conversion by @Kermit 


A great example of converting an old shed with limited usefulness to an appealing and flexible workspace that increases the value of a home.   


9. Double garage and workshop build by @Seaton 


Workshop member Seaton built this timber-framed double garage and workshop that includes a mezzanine level for storage, an epoxy floor and LED strips with brackets created on a 3D printer.


10. Backyard shed studio build by @TheSaltyreefer 


Workshop member TheSaltyreefer built this large backyard studio with ply walls and an epoxy resin floor for a home office.


More ideas for your workshop


Bunnings Workshop community members have shared plenty of fantastic custom workbench ideas that can maximise space in a work area, create better storage solutions and make accessing tools easier. Check out our Top 10 most popular workbench projects.


For more ideas, take a look at these inspiring projects:



Expanded pegboardExpanded pegboard





Last updated: October 2021

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