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Am I able to get a rough quote on renovation work by providing photos and floorplans?

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Am I able to get a rough quote on renovation work by providing photos and floorplans?

We'd like to purchase a property but it would need some renovations at some point down the line.

Before purchasing is it possible to ask a general contractor for a rough quote on some ideas and to discuss the options? I'd be happy to pay a quote fee (depending on what that is). It may not be possible to visit the property though I'm happy to ask the agent.

Thanks so much


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Re: Am I able to get a rough quote on renovation work by providing photos and floorplans?

Hello @wendalls


Thank you so much for sharing your question about getting a rough quote on a renovation.


Whenever I quote a customer for a kitchen renovation I always ask them for measurements and any additional works they might want to add. It will often include tiling, re-tiling, plastering, and painting, and other small jobs. I ask them for all the possible details about the area and the job that needs to be done. In this manner, I can give them a very comprehensive quote that includes all the details.


If you are very specific with your request and provide details about what you want to be done. The builder's quote will be much more accurate. A general description of a job does not provide the builder a lot of room to be accurate and they end up guessing the possible things that they may need to do and makes the quote much more expensive than it needs to be. 


Here are some suggestions:


  • Make a list of the things you want to be done to the property. Be as specific as you can to avoid any confusion on what you want to have fixed.
  • Divide the list into zone-specific areas for example garden, roofing, kitchen, laundry. This allows the builder to quote in specialist trades and be job-specific on their offer when they include them in the quote.
  • A builder's quote is often very time-specific. If the builder is working alone the validity of the quote is usually long. But if other trades are involved such as the sparky, plumber, and tiler the quote often has a short life span. When returning to the quote at a later date you will find that the builder will often have to change the price as his regular specialist trades have made other commitments.

By keeping these things in mind, you will notice that you will get a much better reception from the builder and a much more affordable quote.


Let me tag some of our experienced members @JDE, @tom_builds, and @Adam_W for their recommendations.


If you need more advice or information, please let us know.




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Re: Am I able to get a rough quote on renovation work by providing photos and floorplans?

Hi @wendalls , I reckon @EricL has pretty much covered it all off.
Know the room sizes etc., be accurate with your intentions, be realistic with expectations and understand that prices can easily blow out with material choices and the dreaded unforeseens...
Perhaps see if you can find a local builder that specialises in renovations. If the agent can provide a recent floorplan & then there are good photos available for the property a tradie might give you a ballpark figure but most will likely inflate the price to cover themselves if they can't visit the property and knock on walls and check the floor for bounce, look at things like internal & external access etc. etc.

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