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Blocking (or bracing) for i-joists supporting upstairs to reduce squeaking

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Blocking (or bracing) for i-joists supporting upstairs to reduce squeaking


I've got squeaky and bouncy upstairs of my 10 yrs old project home. I'd really like to eliminate this problem by bracing the i-joists with metal 'X' crosses at 2m intervals. see my subfloor shot below.



I saw this this perfect metal brace from a company called structurelock (usa based) but it seems that they dnt have any distributor here in aus so I cant source the product. see image below 

Screenshot_20210824-181851_Samsung Internet.jpg

does anybody know where I can buy something similar in aus? 


Otherwise I think Ive got no choice but to put some blockings of the same i-joist kind. In this case do I need to cut the blocks myself? Can bunnings cut the ijoists into my size at extra cost? i think I'd need about 200 blocks. 


Many Thanks, 




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Re: blocking (or bracing) for i-joists supporting upstairs

Hello @lukie


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you for joining us and sharing your question about bracing for i-joists


I'm so sorry but I'm not aware of any provider that carries this particular product. Unfortunately, the timber saw at the shop is not set up to cut i-joists. However, in order to make it easier to cut the 200 pieces for your project, I suggest making a timber-cutting jig. Making the jig would guarantee that your cut is accurate and straight. It sounds like a very interesting repair project, any updates you can provide would be much appreciated.


Let me tag our experienced members @JoeAzza and @tom_builds for their recommendations.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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Re: Blocking (or bracing) for i-joists supporting upstairs to reduce squeaking


Structurelock do ship direct to Australia. They are currently looking for an Australian agent but will ship direct to you. If you go to their website and use contact link you can contact them directly. Below is the guts of a recent  reply email I received from them.


We ship directly to Australia. We are actually in the process of looking for a distributor in Australia and NZ as we own the patent in those countries. Are you looking for a quote? if so could you please answer these questions then I can get an idea of what you are looking to do.
Our retrofit X Brace helps with deflection, vibration and shear. With I Joist by 27% stronger. I’ll attach the testing done at the Earthquake research facility proving the validity of the product. 
If you could please answer these questions then I’ll be able to get you a quote. 
1. What is the flange width of the joists? 
2. What is the height you need? 
3. What is the on centre spacing? 
4. We recommend that each row of X’s be 5 feet apart from each other. So given the areas you want to fix, how many X’s do you need? 
5. Do you have any ducting or electrical where you can’t put a X in but would need a passthrough? if so how many would you need? 
6. Can you please provide me with your address for shipping cost estimates? 
Thanks after you answer this I’ll get you a quote. 
Our product does 3 things. Helps prevent deflection (downward force or a trampolining effect on a floor), shear ( what you would consider a sideways motion that earthquakes create and vibration. Our product has been tested at the UBC Earthquake research facility and proven to reduce this in any wood frame structure making them safer. 
For some examples on installation and how it works please take a look at these videos and the actual report proving the validity of the product. 
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Re: Blocking (or bracing) for i-joists supporting upstairs to reduce squeaking

Hi @lukie,


Welcome to the workshop.

It's great that @JDE has had previous dealings with this company and has been able to point you in the right direction to access their products.


Failing that, you might be able to find a metal fabricator who may be able to make some for you (although this may be a costly option).


Otherwise you might be stuck cutting out those 200 blocks yourself unfortunately. Good way to get to know your saw a bit better though.


Best of luck stiffening up your floor!


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