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Book case/Display case with that nice off set divider design

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Book case/Display case with that nice off set divider design

Hello Friends,


I got "invited to go" to these furniture shops to peruse a new display shelf/TV cabinet to replace the monstrosity that I had built in a hurry with the bits and pieces I had managed to gather in my travels. We had just moved then and I needed somewhere to put my children's robot kit collection ( Gundams )* Upon careful evaluation and long drawn out debates, I said no and that I would build it myself! The advantages are that I could have it at the correct width and the shelf spacing would be perfect for all their displays. Below is the final result sorry I did not take photos of it while I was building it. The paint was a mis-tint of Almond Milk and cost me 10 dollars, MDF sheet cost 30 dollars and 1 packet of screws 6 dollars.



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Re: Book case/Display case with that nice off set divider design

Hi @redracer01,


What a fantastic design and the shelving looks really well built.


You're a braver man than me. I've always just bought the furniture, as I don't want to suffer the repercussions if my work is not up to scratch. I have to say though that the amount I have paid for shelves was way too much. The construction techniques and quality of timber used these days do not warrant the price.


Great work and I trust the unit will serve its purpose for many years to come. Many thanks for sharing.




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