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Budget screen door refresh

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Budget screen door refresh

Easy budget-friendly security screen door refresh


We originally planned on replacing the cream-coloured screen door for a new security door that didn't have the diamond grille. The screen door worked perfectly fine and it seemed like a waste to replace it just for aesthetic reasons. Instead, we decided to paint the diamond grille section black to give it a less-dated look.


All up, the project cost around $100 as opposed to replacing it for a brand new door around $1000.


Materials used:




1. We removed the screen door from the door frame and gave it a thorough clean using pressure washer. We wiped it down with a grease removing spray and left it in the sun for a couple of hours to dry. You can also use a leaf blower or compressed air to blow out any water that it trapped in the screen mesh or tight crevices.


2. We started with the back side of the door and taped off the mesh area. We then sprayed on the gloss white enamel spray paint onto the door frame. Once it was touch-dry, we turned the door over and repeat the same step on the front side.


3. Repeat step 2 on both sides after the first coat has dried.


4. Once the newly painted white screen frame has dried and cured, tape up the screen frame and paint the diamond grille and security mesh. This part is a little more time consuming because of all the angles you have to spray the diamond grille at.


5. *optional* We replaced the screen door lock for a Rolltrak screen door lock.




















Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Security Screen Door Refresh

Hi @homeinmelbourne


What a beautiful paint update on your security screen. Changing the colour scheme from creme to black and white has certainly updated its look. Simplifying the side panel as well has given it a much more modern look. Did you manage to do this in a weekend or did it take several days to accomplish?


Thank you so much for sharing such a fantastic project.




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Re: Security Screen Door Refresh

Hi @EricL


Thank you so much for your kind words.

I was able to do the spray painting of the security screen all in 1 day.

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