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Campervan conversion using Bunnings materials

Making a Splash

Campervan conversion using Bunnings materials

I've always wanted to do a Van to Campervan conversion and when my son rang me up and said " Dad, you can say no if you want, but I've just bought myself a van and l was wondering if you'd like to have a crack at converting it into a camper?

I think he knew l’d jump at the suggestion and boom….5 solid weeks later a Camper Van was born!


He bought himself a 2015 Hyundai iLoad for $15,000 with nothing but bare bones so we had to start from scratch!


The Brief was scant, but precise:

  • It had to have room for him to sleep and sit comfortably.
  • There needed to be a safe spot to securely store a surfboard or two overnight, and three,
  • There's not a lot of coin to do all this so the budgets tight....and l do mean tight....nothing to fancy!

Living in rural NSW meant that l didn't have a lot of options regarding sourcing materials for converting a van but luckily we do have a Bunnings so they saved the day 👍👍  Basically everything for the van was purchased from there except for electrical components and sound proofing.


Oh yeah, there was one more had to be finished in under five weeks as l was going into hospital for major foot surgery which was going to render me pretty useless for the unforeseen future.


For all the cabinetry: 17mm Black Formply:

White accent for the drawer faces: 20mm White Plywood.

10mm Foilboard for insulation.

Floor & ceiling battens: 90 x 35 MGP10 Pine cut into strips.

Wall framing: 90 x 35 MGP10 Pine

White Primed Pine for slatted ceiling: 66mm x 11mm

Ceiling lining: 3mm MDF

Flooring: 9mm Plywood.

Flooring: Vinyl Plank

Wall Cladding: 9mm Easy VJ MDF

Four Way Stretch Carpet. From Autobarn

Goliath 1 metre Lockable Drawer Slides

Goliath 600mm Lockable Drawer Slides

If you are interested checking out the entire materials list complete with electricals and extra resources, the Costing Guide can be found here:



Makita 7 1/4" Circular Saw:

Massca Pocket Hole Jig

Dewalt Portable Table Saw:

Makita Jigsaw:

Makita Orbital Sander:

Makita Cordless Drill:



Step 1

Couple of photos of the finished project!


Resized Image 11.png


Hyundai 2015 iLoad



Resized Image 16.png


The LED lights are one of the features of the van which helps to highlight the slatted ceiling.



Resized Image 17.png


Plenty of storage in the wall cabinet and the natural holes in the vans side panel make a convenient place to hang some clothes hangers.



Resized Image 35.png


Two toned cabinetry makes the decor pop!



Resized Image 32.png


Surfboard storage under the bed stores the boards safely while you sleep overnight.



Resized Image 33.png


Plenty of storage with a 1 metre pull out drawer and the bed / sofa is very comfortable with a two piece foam mattress.



Resized Image 45.png


The Ratten Door on the electrical box ensures plenty of ventilation for the electrics whilst the extra drawer provides another handy storage compartment.



Resized Image 26.png


I'm a big fan of Four Way Stretch Carpet. Just stick it to some MDF for a luxurious finish.



Resized Image 36.png


The VJ was a little difficult to install due to the uneven and curved face of the wall and door panels. A little force was required to secure in place and just make sure that you screw to a panel that is not the outside skin of the van....check twice, screw once. The Black Button Head Screws are nice accent against the white MDF.



Resized Image 40.png


The White Plywood legs are cut out of the one piece of joints.



Resized Image 20.png


I'm 6'2" and can sleep comfortably with legs outstretched.



Resized Image 13.png


Handy pull out kitchen with open storage underneath.



Resized Image 2.png


The 30 litre fridge is a great option and keeps those beers just at the right temperature.....delicious.



Resized Image 27.png


If you don't surf, you could use this space for extra storage.



Resized Image 41.png


Three styles of charging ports. 

1: two USB Ports

2: One USB Port and one USB-C Port

3: One cigarette style Charging Port.



Revised Image 25.png


The wall mounted fan is a necessity for a comfortable van life.



Resized Image 37.png


The LED Strips are a simple way to create a stunning look.



Resized Image 38.png


The vinyl plank flooring looks great and is simple to install.



Revised Image 24.png


The Pull Out Bed / Sofa is a very effective way to kill two birds with the one stone. If you're interested in making one for yourself you can find the Plans here:



Resized Image 15.png


The Open Storage is a great place to store your devices, clothing, books etc



Resized Image 3.png


I love the overall look of the conversion and combine that with truck loads of storage, you have yourself a very neat little package.




Resized Image 19.png


Gotta love a little greenery 👍😁

Step 2

Couple of snaps of the job in progress!


Resized Image 18.png


This is Jack, my 26 year old son who's van it is.



Resized Image 14.png


Floor battens glued down to the floor pan with insulation glued in between the battens.



Resized Image 4.png


Detailed Plans 😂





Holding up the ceiling battens till the glue dried.



Resized Image 5.png


Timber slats nailed to a 3mm sheet of MDF that l painted black for accent.



Revised Image 31.png


Sound deadening material was applied to the areas of the van that sounded "tinny" These tinny areas were on the wall and ceiling panels and also the wheel arches where road noise is transferred.



Resized Image 30.png


Insulating your van is an important step as they can get really hot in the summer and very cold in the winter.



Resized Image 36.png


The Bed Box is an integral part of the build as everything else is built around it.



Resized Image 10.png


Running the cabling for the lights, switches, fan, charging ports etc.



Resized Image 12.png


The plywood floor was installed in two pieces. There are so many ins and outs with a van that it would be very difficult to do it out of one sheet.



Rersized Image 9.png


I'm a massive fan of the 17mm Formply. It looks awesome and is generally straight and flat.



Resized Image 6.png


The cabling was a little tricky to run back to the battery but we got there in the end.



Resized Image 8.png


The pull out kitchen works well as a place to use and store your gas cooker.



Resized Image 29.png


The engine room for all the electrics is located under the bed.



Resized Image 37.png


A 100AH Lithium battery runs all the electrics which is charged from the vans battery as well as the solar panel on the roof.



Image 1 Resized.png


The backrest is a game changer for the pull out bed. You can actually sit in the van comfortably without your head hitting the ceiling!



Resized Image 23.png


Having the fridge and electrical compartment accessible via the side door is very convenient.



Resized Image 7.png


Hear duty drawer slides work an absolute treat with the drawer. Having the drawer lockable prevents it from coming out when driving. 



Step 3

Thumb 1.png


If you're interested here is the video where l reveal the van to my son. It's Part 3 of a 3 Part, Van to Campervan Conversion Series. Hope you like it 👍😁🇦🇺



Part 1 and Part 2 document the building phase and can be found here.



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Bunnings Built, Campervan Conversion!

Hi @DIY4Knuckleheds,


Love the build and have to say I'm a big fan of your videos. 


My partner and I hope to do a campervan build in the future, so it was great to see how you tackled it. I must say the slide out bed frame is a bit of ingenuity I've never seen before.


Looks like a great place to call home on those surfing trips.


Thanks for the share.



Re: Bunnings Built, Campervan Conversion!

G'day Jason, 


Glad you liked the build mate and thanks also for taking the time to watch the vids! That Pull Out bed is one of my favourite parts of the build....a lot of work but well worth the effort 👍👍


Thanks for the feedback...really appreciate it.



Shane 👍😁🇦🇺

Re: Bunnings Built, Campervan Conversion!

Sorry Jacob....l accidentally called you Jason 😊

Re: Bunnings Built, Campervan Conversion!

All good mate. it's not the first time and it probably won't be the last. 😂

Re: Bunnings Built, Campervan Conversion!

🤣....I'm constantly called Sean....l just run with it 😂

Building a Reputation

Re: Campervan conversion using Bunnings materials

This is utterly AMAZING! With the homeless situation in Australia, or for anyone with teens needing extra space, this shows an alternative most wouldn't think of!

You should start your own business 😁!

PS, hope surgery went well....and you still did all of this! I'm mind blown!

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Campervan conversion using Bunnings materials

Hello @sara22au 


Let me tag @DIY4Knuckleheds to make sure they see your kind words. I totally agree with you, it is an awesome build. It reminds me of the perfect stealth camping van. 




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Building a Reputation

Re: Campervan conversion using Bunnings materials

Please do! I shared this post to my brother, who's having a horrible twin teen girls sharing a bedroom problem, and thought this might be a viable option, given they're coming up to L plate driving age! Not that either myself or bro could do such an awesome build, but it is another idea that can be considered!

Just need to borrow Mr. DIY4Knuckleheds to do it 🤣

Getting Established

Re: Campervan conversion using Bunnings materials

Wow - that's amazing!


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