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Custom desk for home office

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Custom desk for home office

A custom built desk for the home office. Built pre - Covid, for home based projects and gaming, this desk was a lifesaver when the pandemic came around, allowing for both my wife and myself to work from home as easily as we would from an on site location. I highly encourage everyone to ensure they have a nice, relaxing home office space for school, work and relaxation.


The full desk setupThe full desk setup

Continuing on from a previous post regarding our DIY home office drawers, this is the custom desk that I built for working at home & gaming. It is 2 meters long and 600mm deep, allowing for plenty of desk space. The desk itself is secured to the wall using 30mm pine and various  brackets, it's further supported by a taskmaster black steel table leg. Mounted on the wall is a 4k screen used as a secondary screen, the cables are hidden in a cable duct. 



The desk features 5 holes, 3 are 60mm wide to accommodate the taskmaster 60mm Grommets, the next hole is 40mm wide and is used for the Microphone Arm. The final hole is 30mm wide and is hidden behind the desktop, which is where all the cables are fed through. 




Mounted on the pine boards are 2 large power boards, these are fixed securely and have 0 wiggle to them. Just in front of that is the IKEA SIGNUM, an extremely popular cable management option (NOTE: Under desk cable management such as this is something lacking at Bunnings, it's something I really wish would be something purchasable at your local Bunnings). These are secured under the desk and hide a variety of the cables and taking away any of the loose, dangling weight.


The Ethernet cord isn't my best work, but purchasing from a homeowner who went a little crazy with some DIY renos, I had few options, this (along with the power cord for the power board) is secured to the wall via a cobra large cord clip and goes to the back of the desktop via a 40mm hole cut out above the subwoofer stand.



The stand itself is nothing too pretty, it's made out of some leftover board I used for another project and secured to the wall via pine and brackets. It covers the subwoofer well and acts as a shelf for our Google Home Unit.

In total, this project was around $200 thanks to some Bunnings Specials, desks of similar sizes can go upwards of $1000 so I'm happy with how this came out. I had the option of LED strips, but with the lighting already available in my room I didn't really see a point to it. 

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Re: Custom Desk for Home Office

Love the slick setup @Remarka6le


I'll pass your feedback on to our team about the under desk cable tray. I would think it's something that we should investigate. I know I could use one as my cable management is atrocious.


I had to giggle at the "relaxing home office space". Do you not have children by chance? :smile: Also, what's your favourite game?


Many thanks for sharing. As you know, home office desks are always popular with the community.






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Re: Custom Desk for Home Office

Hey @MitchellMc , 

Thank you for passing the feedback on, trays are so important for a good clean build, you really don't get the same with the clips or plastic conduits that are currently sold.

Literally waiting on my first right now, last nights post was a good "Get mind off things" post. The room is a great escape place, it's well insulated and pretty sound proof, if anything it's our houses primary "Hub".

I prefer any RTS or Solo RPG, though the occasional rocket league or party game with friends is always nice, I have about 22TB of Hard Drive space on my PC so I never really run out of room with games these days. 


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