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D.I.Y. concrete vase

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D.I.Y. concrete vase

Getting on board the industrial concrete trend by making these concrete vases over the weekend. Surprisingly very easy, using quick set concrete meant each one only took 15mins to make.  Might spray paint the bottom with some metallic paints - what do you think? 





Community manager's note: As Hannah's project has been so popular, our resident Bunnings D.I.Y. expert Mitch has created an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide How to make cement planter pots with a full list of tools and materials. 

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Re: DIY Concrete Vase

You could make the mould out of timber. I made a few things out of concrete using timber as the mould or inserts. Depending on how smooth the timber is and how you have created the mould, sometimes you don't even a release agent.

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Re: DIY Concrete Vase

Well done
One question for you
If you had these outside, would you not need a drainage hole at the bottom so you don't flood your plant?

Re: DIY Concrete Vase

Hi just wondering where you got the pots from? 

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Re: DIY Concrete Vase

For an outdoor planter you would want a bottom drainage hole or for a water well style pot a side one.

Formply is what the pro's use for concreting and it can be screwed together so releasing is easy. You could carve into it or add on to make patterns but it would make releasing the mould more challenging.

To remove air bubbles you can use a concrete vibrator, for me I have to then have walls over 35mm thick to take the probe.

You can add oxides for colour typically red, black, white and browns and at home a floor was done in green.

Render is another option if you need to cover over sins in casting or for a different look.

Re: DIY Concrete Vase



Welcome to Workshop and thanks for joining in the discussion. I trust you will find lots of inspiration and helpful information from our community members on the site. 


Can you please clarify your question for us? I'm sorry but I wasn't sure which pots you were referring to. 


Thanks again,



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Re: DIY Concrete Vase

Hi Jason,

living in Sydney here actual gardening space comes at a premium, yet having seen this ingenious idea with the milk bottles, I would assume that one could make deep concrete planters to replace those white grubby brocoli boxes to plant fruit and veges in?

I know one could actually make them from treated timber which can be a bit expensive and also flat back planters may be purchased also but this appears to be rather a more duarble and cheaper alternative?

Thanks Edward


Re: DIY Concrete Vase

Welcome to Workshop Edward (@TradyEd48). It's great to have you join us. I'm looking forward to reading more about your projects and plans. I'm sure you'll receive plenty of inspiration and helpful advice from our community members along the way. 


There's plenty of space-saving vertical garden products available at Bunnings, and Workshop members have shared planters in all shapes and sizes. Here's a few ideas to get you started:


Vertical garden by @kel


Vertical herb garden by @KingStreetReno


Reo metal vertical garden


How I built my vertical garden by @Darren


Quick and cheap vertical garden by @Bizebod


Repurposed metal tool box by @wannabebulda


Vertical garden from a broken gate by @JP_Finlay


Make your own concrete planter


And finally @Kellie has some large concrete planters on this discussion that are similar to what you are thinking about.


You might like to start a new discussion with some pictures of your space once you have a firmer idea of what you'd like to build. I'm sure our members would be more than happy to help.



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Re: DIY Concrete Vase

I think the problem you will have with large concrete planters @TradyEd48 is their weight. What kind of an area do you have? A patio or balcony? 

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Community Manager

Re: DIY Concrete Vase

Hi @hannah,


Your concrete vases have been incredibly popular on Workshop. Thanks again for sharing the project and including step-by-step instructions. Your project has now had over 12,000 views and today we're featuring it on Instagram.


Hope to see more great projects from you soon. Let us know if you need a hand with anything. 




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Re: DIY Concrete Vase

Thanks so much for sharing!

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