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Floating Desk - Into Drywall and Metal Studs

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Floating Desk - Into Drywall and Metal Studs

Hi There,


I am relatively new to DIY and I am planning on building a large floating desk that will wrap 3 walls of my study. 


I am going to use Plywood cut to size, or something similar, but my problem is I am unsure of the best method of installing to the drywall and metal studs. 


I was thinking of using L brackets and heavy duty hollow wall anchors into the metal studs but unsure if this will still be sturdy? 


I've installed shelves and other things with hollow wall anchors just into the drywall and that has worked well, but as this is a desk and will hold more weight I think i need to go into the metal studs. 


Help please! I'd really like to be able to DIY this instead of pay someone else to do it. 





Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Floating Desk - Into Drywall and Metal Studs

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community Anni. It's great to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


You can certainly use hollow wall anchors to fix brackets into metal studs which will be sturdy for a desk. If you drill an appropriately sized hole through the wall lining and stud you can then insert a Ramset 3/16 x 100mm Round Head Spring Toggle. Once you tighten this toggle it will grip onto the internal wall of the metal stud capturing it.


Alternatively, you could fix the brackets directly by drilling Buildex 10-24 x 50mm Zinc Plated Countersunk Head Metal Tek Screws 25 Pack straight into the metal stud.


I would advise trying to utilise the metal studs with a desk if possible. Ramset Super Wallmate Toggle Anchors can certainly hold a decent amount of weight but won't be nearly as strong as a direct connection to the metal wall stud.


Let me mention some knowledgable members @Brad, @ProjectPete and also @prvz27 who recently finished their own floating desk.


Please let me know if you need further information or had any questions.




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