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Helping people gain skills

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Community Manager

Helping people gain skills


Workshop community update #7


Hi all,


What’s your passion? For Workshop member @CathM, her passion is clearly helping people to gain the skills they need to grow, harvest and cook their own food.


It’s remarkable that Cath now spends so much of her time public speaking given she used to experience panic attacks at just the thought of talking in front of others. It shows how passionate and determined she is to spread her message. And her passion is clearly infectious. Make sure you don’t miss our member profile on Cath and introduce yourself.


It’s been a busy week on Workshop with lots of great discussions and many new members. A very warm welcome to our latest community members. Some of the most popular Workshop posts from the past week included:







There were also many calls for help in the past week. Have you got any expertise or experience you could add about these topics?






Special thanks to our top contributors to Workshop this week. The community members who posted the most popular content in the past seven days were @ProjectPete, @hannah, @Isobel, @KingStreetReno and @Kermit. Thanks again for your fantastic contribution to the community.



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