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Home office desk

Having an Impact

Home office desk

Hi Workshop Community,


My partner and I have recently purchased and moved into our first house. Frequency rate of 'trips to Bunnings' has exploded, and it's great to make a home your own.


Our new property has more space for a home office setup, and one of my first projects to complete was a home office desk.


Previously I had been working from the dining room table, and for the first few days my setup consisted of IKEA outdoor timber furniture (not ergonomically friendly).


To build this desk, I purchased:

- Solid hardwood birch timber panel, (2200mm x 600mm x 26mm)

- Rapidmesh Cusco (X-shaped) furniture legs (RapidMesh 70 x 73.2 x 6cm Black Cusco Steel Tube Table Furniture Leg - Bunnings Australia) and leg braces

- Screws, sandpaper, varnish and other bits and pieces


After decided which side of the timber I preferred as the top side, I measured and drilled the furniture leg and braces in place. Equal space from each edge of the timber and evenly centred along the 600mm depth of the table were the important considerations here.


A couple of runs of 120 grit sand paper to soften the top and sides and damp cloth to clean off any dust.

Once that dried, a matt finish Cabots Cabothane (Cabot's 250ml Clear Water Based Cabothane Interior Varnish Matt - Bunnings Australia) applied with a brush brought out the great natural colours.


And last, a LIFX light strip around the back edge for some added detail (LIFX Smart Lightstrip Colour Zones Starter Kit 1m - Bunnings Australia).


I enquired through a number of furniture makers for something of similar size and look to what I made. Prices were anywhere between $1200 - $1700. Total shopping list for this desk was between $325 - $375, and completed over a weekend (between many other projects).





Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Home office desk

That’s a great workspace @Simon I love it ! 😃

Having an Impact

Re: Home office desk

Hey Workshop community, it's been a while since I completed this project. Some updated photos attached.

Updates include some new IT hardware, computer chair and some shelfs from IKEA for displaying little trinkets and other special items.



Re: Home office desk

Thanks @mich1972 , I've just posted an updated photo. A lot of has changed since I started this project two years ago.

Just Starting Out

Re: Home office desk

Thankyou Simon that would be great!

Re: Home office desk

Hey @KristyM1 ,


Mystery solved. The legs I purchased were 500mm deep, not 700mm deep. Looks like a mix up in barcodes when I purchased the item.

I've had a look on the Bunnings website, and I can't find a product currently available that matches what I have. It looks like their range is consistently 700mm deep.


If you do purchase the 700mm deep legs, angle them at 45° and the table will be rock solid. Can't wait to see your finished desk!



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