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How to fix a buzzing noise in the wall?

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How to fix a buzzing noise in the wall?

Hi, I have a problem with a buzzing noise comming from the wall, it only happens on windy days and is located in the cavity of a double brick wall near an air conditioning wall unit. At first we thought it was the sound of the fan inside the air conditioner unit, but this has since been replaced with a brand new one, and the sound is still there and sounds exactly the same as it always did.


I have come to the conclusion that it is a tag or ziptie around part of the conduit inside the wall, and that when its windy this tag/ziptie spins around like a propeller creating the buzzing noise. This noise can get very loud and since this sound is in a room with a TV in it, makes it almost impossible to hear the TV.. The slant of the roof makes it very difficult to look down the wall cavity.


My question is who is the right trades person to call to fix this problem.. It is NOT the air conditioner. I need to get this noise stopped it is driving me crazy.


Any help advice or suggestions are appreciated.


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to fix a buzzing noise in the wall?

Hello @AngryBird 


Sorry to hear about the noise emanating from your wall at high wind. I suggest engaging the services of a brick layer. They will be able to remove the bricks either inside or outside your wall and get to the part that's making the noise. Once you've neutralized the noise, they'll be able to put the bricks back in and render the wall. 


Repainting the wall should be straightforward, just make sure that the render has fully cured before you attempt to paint the repaired surface.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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