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Insulation of Aluminium front door to reduce noise


Insulation of Aluminium front door to reduce noise

We have  Strata aluminum front door but as it is not insulated it allows a lot of traffic noise through. 

Can this be easily insulated?  Thanks..


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Re: Insulation of Aluminum front door

Hello @Wookie45nz 


Welcome to Bunnings Workshop and thank you for sharing your question with the community. I would like to say that it should be easy to insulate the aluminum door, but to be safe and thorough can you please post a picture of the actual door that we need to insulate. This will greatly assist us and allow our members to determine what kind of insulation we can recommend.




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Re: Insulation of Aluminum front door

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Wookie45nz. It's fantastic that you've joined us, and many thanks for your question about sound insulation for a front door.


Was your door something similar to the Strata 2040 x 820 x 41mm Parkwood Aluminium Entrance Door


Some things you could try would be installing heavy woollen curtains or acoustic drapes across the door, adding Raven door seals to seal all gaps and attaching foam tiles to the back of the door. If you have solid floors, placing a rug down behind the door can inhibit the sound waves bouncing around and penetrating further into your home.


I look forward to following along with your project and providing further assistance.




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