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Kitchen Renovation 1.0

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Kitchen Renovation 1.0

Over the weekend we made a lot of progress on our short-term kitchen renovation that we are doing as a stopgap until we complete our full renovation in late 2017. Reno has been delayed due to firing our builder, council approval taking forever and a baby due in spring...


We had a Plumber and Electrician rough-in plumbing and new power points on Saturday morning and have a Tiler filing in the gap in the floor this week. 


The current kitchen is tiny and doesn't have a dishwasher or any bench space to prepare meals. It was also missing cupboard took no time to demo it as it is basically made out of cardboard.


Before: Real Estate photo from when we purchased the house 12 months ago:

Kitchen - real estate pic.jpg

 Before: I painted the cabinets and benchtop with White Knight paint when we moved in because I'm allergic to beige. How-to videos can be found here for tiles and here for cabinets:





My dog Gus being helpful as always...


During: Tiles and wall cabinets gone...



We will start building our 4.8m long straightline Kaboodle kitchen this week which will be installed by a builder shortly. 


Temp Kitchen.JPG


We are planning to add floating laminate floorboards (waterproof option) to cover up the ugly mismatched tiles. 


Total budget = around $3500 (will update acurrate costs as I go).


Note: We will sell the cabinets along with anything else that we can on Gumtree when we commence our full reno.

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Re: Kitchen Renovation 1.0

It's amazing that a kitchen was installed with such little benchspace. Whoever did that must have eaten takeaway a lot!

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Re: Kitchen Renovation 1.0

I have no idea how the couple who owned the house for 15 years prior to us survived @RenoQueen! They had a young son too.


The cooker was so old that we threw it out within days of moving in...the door fell off as soon as we touched it! 


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