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My 2020 fave finds...

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My 2020 fave finds...

Hi all & happy New Year!
2020 is behind us and wasn't it a doozy...

Like many people I was still getting into my projects at home especially as our never-ending renovations are still ongoing. As a result I've been buying all sorts of tools and bits & pieces and I thought I would share my fave-5 discoveries, things I never knew how much I needed until I got them.
So in no particular order...


- Rafter square - Most of us are never going to use these for measuring and marking rafters but where they are invaluable is for fast and accurate marking of 90˚ and 45˚ angles. Okay, no biggie right? Thing is they are also designed to use as a saw guide... Mark for your cut. Line your saw up. Put the square against the edge of your saw plate and then hold firmly while you cut for accuracy that's as good as a mitre or drop saw.


- Trim router - I have a big plunge router. I rarely use it. Noisy, aggressive things that take a lot of care in use, setting and handling. Then I found a trim router that was in the same ecosystem as my other battery tools. Man... how did I live without it? There are so many things you can do and so many jobs you can finish to a higher standard with one of these little puppies.


- Small, double-sided step ladder - I've always just gotten by dragging in a bigger ladder or a work platform or... yes... a milk crate. I bit the bullet after using one of these my sparkie had on-site. They are so awesome, so easy AND so much safer to use. Large steps and then the over-sized platform on top makes them stable and comfortable to use.

- Neem oil - If you garden you will have to deal with bugs and some bugs, like mealy bugs, are seriously difficult to deal with. Neem oil is 'safe' and organic and it really works. I managed to knock-off really persistent mealy bugs that had been a problem on my clivias on & off literally for years. At face value it seem expensive but you only use a tiny amount so it works out very economical.


- Worksite blower - I know, I know... these mini-blowers look like toys but you have no idea how powerful they are! Brilliant in garage or workshop, on a job-site and just cleaning around the home, things like sliding door tracks. I keep mine out on the deck as it's ideal for a quick tidy up. Again, like the trim router, it's the same battery ecosystem as the rest of my power tools.
And super bonus... it has nozzles to blow up pool toys, air-beds etc. :smile:

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Re: My 2020 fave finds...

Great stuff @Adam_W, thank you so much for sharing these product suggestions. I'm sure that other members will find the tips incredibly helpful, especially from someone with so much D.I.Y. experience. 


I'm keen to hear from other Bunnings Workshop members about tools or products that they have recently added to their workshop and which they can now not live without. Let us know by replying below... Perhaps @Peggers@prettyliving or @Brad might like to kick us off...




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Re: My 2020 fave finds...

Great list @Adam_W, and I can't agree with you enough about the Blower. We've got one in the workshop now and it's so handy for a quick clear up when I'm getting myself in a mess.

@Jason One product that I've just added to my projects are Timber Joining Dowels. I'm sure they're pretty standard for many DIY'ers, but up until now they've only ever existed in flatpack furniture for me. I've always joined things with screws and then put a cap on them. But with a 5mm wood drill and some dowels, together with some simple wood glue, you get beautiful and strong joins to things. 

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Re: My 2020 fave finds...

Thanks for sharing @Adam_W 

My best buy last year was Amdro. 

We’ve had a problem with ants outside for years, I’ve tried all sorts of products with no luck. I was going to get the pest control out but then heard good things about Amdro so decided to give it a go. That was around 4 or 5 months ago & we haven’t seen an ant since 👌🏻

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