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Pivot door

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Pivot door

Hi Everyone,


I'm sharing a few different details from renovation projects I've had on the go... As I've said in my previous post, I enjoy the feedback, and most of my "projects" require a little assistance in the finishing details.. 


If you're interested, here is another earlier post:


Next, is the replacement of my front door..



The objectives were:

  • Enlarge the door height, so that it aligns with the adjacent window head height
  • Widen the door
  • Replace the internal tiled entry
  • Install a nice "up/down light" next to the door
  • Convert to a "pivot door" (no particular reason really, just because I like the look)
  • Overall, just wanted the door to be more of a "statement" - you can see from one of my other posts, that I've since replaced all the windows in the house too, so the replacement of the door is part of this overall work

I'd never installed a pivot door before, and wanted a carpenter to help me.. As I started to ask around, I found that not many carpenters liked doing pivot doors, or they had never installed one... In any case, I found a guy that I know, and we managed to get it done over 2 days. (Mind you, the door weighed about 60kg, so it was always going to be a 2person job.


Products used:

  • 45mm solid core timber door (1100 x 2300)
  • Lockwood 8800 series floor spring
  • Madinoz 8400 D handle
  • Ultraloq U-Bolt dead lock

Here is the final product (sort of). The floor tiles aren't complete yet, as well as the internal architraves, and external trims. The external trim will match the white trim around the adjacent window. (Also, the block floor box has a stainless steel cover that sits over it once the floor tiles are in place)



IMG_5236.JPG    IMG_5237.JPG


I looks nice at night too, with the up/down light. - I'll get a different doorbell, once I've done the trims, and position the door bell under the light. Here is a photo at night, as well as a photo showing the pivot style, in the open position.


IMG_4915.JPG   IMG_4925.JPG


I decided to paint the internal face of the door white, to match the internal walls, and the external colour matches the aluminium windows ("Colorbond Wallaby").. A nice feature is the electronic "Ultraloq" - which has fingerprint scanning, as well as a PIN code. I was worried about how that would look (ie: a little bit over-the-top), but it actually looks and works quite nicely.


The challenges that remain, is deciding what to do with the floor tiles, and the vertical face of the threshold (on the outside).. (You can see the grey colour of the large floor tile in the last photo).. One option is to carry the floor tiles all the way out, and turn them down the face, or alternatively, I can cut one of the white weatherboards and install it back under the door threshold, with just an aluminium nosing or something to finish off the floor tiles at the leading edge..


What does everyone think? Grateful for the your input.





Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Pivot door

Hi @jaga 


You must be very happy with that, I certainly love the look of the pivot door.


I'd recommend a QEP 10mm x 3.0m L Shaped Tile Trim Angle and either timber painted the colour of the weatherboards or perhaps even the same colour as the door.


Here's a helpful step-by-step D.I.Y article on How to fit and install tile trim.


Let me mention a few helpful members @Bundaboy, @Jimi, @Kermit, @Poppop and @Stuardo who might like to join the conversation on finishing the threshold.





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