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Plasterboard repair advice

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Plasterboard repair advice

Hi everyone,


Hope you are all keeping safe.


Just after some advice on this wall in one of the rooms in our house, we have just purchased and this area has had some water damage in the past however the source has been resolved.


The plasterboard isn't similar to what I have seen before and wondering if anyone can recognise what type it is from the attached pictures?


The darker ones are where water damage has happened.





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Re: Plasterboard repair advice

Reg (@R3g


Welcome to Workshop. We're really pleased to have you join us and trust you'll get loads of helpful information, advice and inspiration for your home renovation work. Congrats on the new house purchase, we're looking forward to reading more about it.


Looks like you've got older-style plasterboard with hair in it. The good news is that the repair job is exactly the same as if you had newer-style Gyprock walls. The Bunnings D.I.Y. Advice How to fix a hole in a plaster wall has step-by-step instructions to follow. I'll also attach the video below and you'll see that they are repairing walls just like yours.  


If there's a lot of damage to the wall, you might consider replacing it, but I'm sure you will find the repairs are quick and easy. In the Workshop discussion Patching holes in the wall, member @PartyDad had never done these kind of repairs before and got a great result. 


Please let us know if you have any further questions after checking out the resources linked above.







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