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Replacing/fixing damaged front door frame

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Replacing/fixing damaged front door frame

Our front door slammed closed in the wind one day recently, with the latch extended it smashed into the timber surrounding the strike, and made a real mess of it. Tried the patch job approach with some timbermate, but as the damage is right on the corner, and in a very fiddly spot (i.e. you need to work the timbermate around the strike also) it's not quite as tidy as I'd like.


We're also about to sell, and want to make the best first impression when potential buyers walk through the door.


Any advice would be welcomed.


The damage:





The patch job:



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Re: Replacing/fixing damaged front door frame

Any chance you can paint the door and door frame @Ben? I have used Timbermate before and when you sand it back it can create a really smooth, glass-like surface. Once painted you wouldn't be able to tell there was damage. Otherwise I fear you need carpentry skills to replace the timber. 

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Re: Replacing/fixing damaged front door frame

@Ben, from the photo, you look to've done a good job.


To tidy it up, remove the strike plate, wrap some coarsish (80 grit) sandpaper around a piece of scrap wood that's longer than the damaged section. Sand down the high spots so that they're level with the undamaged door frame. If you're left with some low spots, patch fill them with the Timbermate, let it set, & resand as before until you're satisfied with the finish.


As @Kermit said, once it's painted, it'll look brand new.



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