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Setting up a smart home

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Setting up a smart home

After reading this article on where to start creating a smart home from the Bunnings website, I'm curious about whether any Bunnings Workshop community members have any advice for anyone thinking of setting up smart homes.


I was very suspicious of smart devices but after being given a smart speaker as a Christmas present I have to confess that I was pleasantly surprised and have ended up buying a few more for different rooms in the house because I found it so useful to be able to set up reminders, and timers, and play radio and music. We now have smart lightbulbs too and are considering installing a smart irrigation system.


I'd be interested in hearing everyone else's experiences.




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Re: Setting up a smart home



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Re: Setting up a smart home

Hey @JaneK - have you added anything further to your home?

I've start going down the route of trying to get as many devices into an Apple HomeKit environment so have gone really far down the rabbit hole of security camera, smart locks, smart ceiling fans etc.

I'm planning to swap out all of my light/electrical switches with Arlec Grid switches as I'm able to get them into HomeKit with HomeBridge and a Tuya plugin which is starting to make everything a bit more flexibile.

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Re: Setting up a smart home

Hi @JaneK welcome to the rabbit hole of a smart home.


How deep or shallow you go purely depends on how tech savvy you are and how much time you want to spend sifting through the internet to get things to work. 


Certain products interact better with other systems like Google home, Smart Things, IFFT, Echo, Home Bridge but there is ways around it.


There are also limitations on certain devices with automation  when you push the boundaries but once again there is ways around it with use of addition hardware.


Generally you can bring a lot of the brands into Google Home and set up scenes and automations meaning that you are not confined to 1 brand for instance I have majority of Grid Connect products but I have a couple of Wiz globes and Home Magic outdoor Lights along with some Arlec globes running in the Tuya Smart App all I can bring into Google Home under one Home. 


Other things to consider is your wifi based devices will cease all automations and commands if internet goes down, your globes, lights and power points still operate as a static device they just loose their smarts.


Zigbee devices continue to operate as smart even if internet is lost as they work on a different platform. 


Your Bluetooth devices will talk to the hub but because they need the cloud gateway to communicate out they cease as well.


Once the internet comes back on you will have your functions back.


Also to touch you need a very good wifi mesh the more devices the more intense on your stock standard modem it will be so it's worth investing a good mesh system sooner than later.


So to give you an idea of my home and I'm far from finished.


Smart PIR out the front triggering 7 static downlights, set to full lux so triggers all day and sends a notification  that someone is out the front. Runs for 5 min


Front Door has contact sensor, trigger front PIR sends notification front door is open also turns my bedside lamp on for 2 min.


Garage door controller, google activated with pin also triggers front PIR and a stand alone globe in the garage for 5 min, sends notification garage door open and also if open for more than 10 minutes.


Internal garage door on contact sensor triggers 2 other globes in garage for 2 min then off.


Hallway motion sensor turns on 3 GU10 downlights on 10% dim for 2 min 


Laundry on motion sensor trigger globe for 5 min full bright.


Back Door on contact sensor, turns on Laundry light for 5 min, sends notification and turns my bedside lamp on for 2 min


Ensuite globe has schedule night and day for full bright and low dim when switched on


Kids Toilet has 10min timer then switches off runs under Tuya app to avoid notification under my automation


Kids bathroom. Has 10 min timer then turns blue 5 min timer then off run under tuya app as well.


2 of the 3 Kids lights run under Tuya app just because they want to be able to switch the toilet Light on before they get out of bed.


My bed side lamp besides triggers is for light.

My bedside table has a static led strip plugged into a smart plug that I set to come on for 2min as my alarm comes on for a soft light glow.


Loungeroom has arlec globes and Wiz G95 globes


Other rooms arlec globes


Outside I have 7 arlec grid downlights and 1 par38 grid so under 1 switch I can control them all independently.


I also have the home magic party lights.


And to top it off a Swann DVR system.


I am far from finished because there are a lot of the automation I want to do that I have tried all possible ways with the gear I have and unfortunately I need additional hardware.


I have replied to quiet a few posts on Grid Connect posts and have also started a tips and tricks thread that would be worth a look. So any questions planning your smart home hit me up.


I hope that helps some.



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Re: Setting up a smart home

Hey @JaneK did you make the move and step into the world of smart home at all?



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