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The start of something special

Community Manager
Community Manager

The start of something special


Workshop community update #1


Hi all,


Thanks for joining Workshop. We’re really excited to have you on board as one of our community founders. We are confident this community is going to grow into something very special. Already the discussions here in our first week have been fantastic. I hope you have learned something.


As mentioned in my welcome post, our goal for Workshop is to help everyone do it themselves.  We want everyone to have the support they need to complete their projects. This is a friendly community and there’s certainly no such thing as a stupid question! Feel free to ask anything you wish. And we really welcome you sharing your experiences, knowledge and inspiration. We can always learn a lot from each other.


Each week I’ll provide an update of what has been happening in the past seven days on Workshop. It will be a chance to showcase some of the week’s highlights, share community news, and thank some of our valued contributors.


Our top contributors to Workshop over the past week were @cupofchloe, @ProjectPete, @Kermit, @KingStreetReno and @Dave. Many thanks for your posts. The community obviously really values your contributions.


Some of the most popular posts from the past week included:











The discussion thread I personally enjoyed the most was Introduce yourself to the community. It’s great to get to know everyone, and I’m surprised how many different names there are for a sausage in bread.


I hope you also enjoyed the chance to get to know a couple of our community founders in a little more detail, with member profiles on Eric and Tracey.  Feel free to direct questions to @Eric and @Tracey on the blogs – I’m sure they would be happy to help! We will regularly feature some of our most active members here on the blog. If you know a great candidate for an interview, or would like to participate yourself, please let me know.


Thanks again for your valuable contribution to Workshop. We’re looking forward more of your posts in the coming week.



Community Manager

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