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What floor tiles will suit my kitchen?

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What floor tiles will suit my kitchen?

I am in the process of finishing my new kitchen and I am wanting to tile the floor but unsure what tile design / colour that will go with the kitchen. Any ideas??

Here is a photo of the kitchen design.


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Re: What floor tiles will suit my kitchen?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Dundie21. It's fabulous to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


As with paint colours, tile selection is a very personal choice and what I believe looks great you might dislike. If you are planning on living in the home, it would be best to choose something you are happy with the look of as you'll need to live with it every day. Obviously, if you are going to sell the house, you'll want to choose something that is a safe choice, like a white/off white, that the majority of your prospective purchasers will also find appealing.


The most important thing to consider is the size of your room and how your choice of colour will affect it. If it's a large room, you should consider darker warm tones like charcoal as they create a cosy feeling. If it's a small room, lighter tones open up space and give the impression of a larger area. You might like to work out your wall colour at the same time and they can either match or contrast to creating different effects.


We have a fantastic range of floor tiles to select from. You might even like to take a box home with you and lay them out on your floor to get a feel for what they will look like.


What are the floor coatings in the lounge and the hallway?


Let me mention @2Belindas to see if she could add to the discussion.




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Re: What floor tiles will suit my kitchen?

Hi @Dundie21
You have a lovely monochrome kitchen colour-scheme going on.  Nice.
For the floor, its important to steer away from anything too white, or cool colours, as it will make this lovely room feel cold.
That's why many people choose wood (or wood look) flooring, so definitely consider that.
Wood plank look tiles would work easily too.
There's some lovely taupe tiles at Bunnings
I look at them every time I go to my local store.
And terrazzo look tiles in a warm tone would be great too.  
If you are not selling, pick the ones you love the most - something with a pattern would make an impact.

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