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Dual tap to mixer tap - job for a plumber?

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Re: Dual tap to mixer tap - job for a plumber?

Thank you for your informative reply @BIM_Engineer  much appreciated.


I find being a disabled older female that tradesmen either don't turn up, turn up or do half the job and I must chase and chase to get them to come back of they just don't what small jobs and don't return my calls. I find it very frustrating, so I have a go at what I can. No way I would take on jobs that law dictates I must have a licensed tradesperson. e.g. Electricians and major plumbing jobs.


I recently moved to the Dubbo area and have found tradesmen are so busy with so much work on that they pick and choose the jobs they take on.  It took me 4 months to get plumbing work done and then it took him 4 trips to do a few hours work as he kept getting called away on what he said was emergency work.   :unhappy:

Then you have the added - charging like a wounded bull. 


Sometimes I think I have sucker tattooed on my head.  


I try to do what I can more out of saving money and self saticfaction than anything else.


Cheers Jenn

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Re: Dual tap to mixer tap - job for a plumber?

Hi @Jenn
The whole process of undertaking Renos/Build projects from start to finish has become a major concern for battlers and punters
to the point, where they don't know what projects and who to believe.

The internet, advertising and fake projects has also blurred the boundaries further.

here's my2c
1.Always get proper Plans (designs), Details and Specifications..check qualifications
2.Get a breakdown of materials, Quantities and costs, most of the 3D BIM Design software will do this automatically

3.Use the Quantities, Costs and data to check Quotes, get at least 3 quotes to check
4.Plan your project ie DIY, DI4Me, DIL8er, there are now apps to help you do that
5.Have the critical stages properly inspected/Certified by licensed professionals, these generally occur once
6.Home owners & OBs will inspect their project 3 times a week on average

7. Check the construction/engineering details and specifications against what is being built

8. On 5 & 6  above using the Right Tools, data & Information Compare, measure, take photos and send the data/info to an expert

... you won't believe how quickly and how far the technology is advancing in this area.

9.The time to fix mistakes, non compliance, variations,etc, is while the trades are on site after they leave the job it's too late  and prior to payment.

“The secret is to check and fix things before issues are covered up, concreted, bricked in and compl...

More info here on

DIY Bathroom Reno

Thanks for your honesty



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Re: Dual tap to mixer tap - job for a plumber?

Hey dannyrus, do you mind telling me how much it cost you to get the plumber to do all that? I need to do something similar for kitchen and laundry room.

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Re: Dual tap to mixer tap - job for a plumber?

Hey @michaelhenny 


It's hard to say actually, the plumber did do an itemised quote for a few jobs on the day, but the invoice I have now is for all the work completed which is just shy of $900 total. This was for an investment property and was a work day for me, so I figured while he was there I'd get him to do a few other things and I could keep working :laugh: As well as cutting/fixing the pipes, he ended up installing the vanity itself, mounting a cabinet to the wall etc. So my invoice included all of that.


So I don't know exactly how much the pipe component cost, though I think I recall the quote for "vanity" being about 3/4 the bill. He did a great job though, the vanity required a bit of cutting and levelling to make the pipes from the wall fit correctly (exactly as @ProjectPete anticipated might happen) so it's worth getting a quote. Not sure if all plumbers/tradies do this, but they were happy to quote free and scheduled it at a time where they could complete the work if you accepted the quote on the spot, or come back and complete the work later if you needed time.


Hope that helps!


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