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How can you create a benchtop sink in a laundry?

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How can you create a benchtop sink in a laundry?

Hi 👋

I'd really appreciate any advice and/or links on how to cut and fit a sink into a benchtop, similar to this one: 

I'm renovating my laundry and I've been inspired by so many great projects on here, like these;
-@prettyliving and 

These all feature a benchtop that's been fitted with a sink, but I can't find a good source/guide/video on how to cut the hole and put the sink in and hook it up to the existing plumbing - I'm a beginner and I can figure the rest out, but not this part!

Here's a photo of my ugly current laundry for reference:


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Re: How can you create a benchtop sink in a laundry?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Joan_J. It's fabulous to have you join us.


It's great to see you have a couple of different projects on the go. You should find this step-by-step guide helpful: How To Create A Cut Out For Sinks And Cooktops. Regarding the pipework, you might find it easier to cut the existing pipework off and install a new Caroma 50mm P Trap at the correct height for the new sink. This would most likely be easier than trying to adapt to the existing trap. Once you have installed the trap, it is just a matter of screwing the couplings to the sink waste.


Please let me know if you need further help or had questions.





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Re: How can you create a benchtop sink in a laundry?

I remember my wife and I putting our new kitchen together in 2016.

We finally installed the L shaped bench-top which from memory was around $2,500 and the next morning I was gonna cut the hole for the sink.

I looked at all the YouTube "How To" videos that night - but didn't sleep well.

Total fear - that I was gonna stuff this up.


After measuring something like a thousand times, I eventually built up the courage to drill four corner holes and connect them with the jigsaw - very, very slowly.

Clearly you can make those cuts quickly, as seen in Mitchell's video, by the "Drop Method" using a circular saw - but just looking at it, brings beads of sweat to my balding head. One slip and it's ruined.

I am not a brave man.  ☹️






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