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How to remove stuck bathroom spout?

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How to remove stuck bathroom spout?




Hi Team,

bathroom spout is stuck and wont not budge -

tried WD40 and Heat but it wont move. 

Sliced bahind flange just in case there is any slicone but there is no slicone adhesive. 


seems like a centre part is holding onto 


do I need to cut flange with a grinder ?


second issue:

spindle is bit shorter in the estilla bath kit than the original spindle in the photos - would Kinetic 15mm spindle extension work ? 

Thank You appreciate it. 

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Re: How to remove stuck bathroom spout?

Hi Paddy1829,


It seems like the spout is broken and the cover plate is stuck. Regarding the issue with the stuck bathroom spout and the cover plate, here’s a detailed process to address it:


Turn Off Water Supply: Ensure the water supply to the bathroom is turned off to prevent any leaks or water damage.

Inspect the Pipe: Use a flashlight to check inside the exposed pipe for any remaining fragments or obstructions.


Remove Broken Pieces: Needle-Nose Pliers: Carefully extract any broken pieces inside the pipe using needle-nose pliers. Internal Pipe Wrench: If pliers are ineffective, use an internal pipe wrench to grip and remove any stuck pieces.


Apply Penetrating Oil: Apply penetrating oil (such as WD-40) inside the pipe and let it sit for a while to loosen any corrosion or mineral buildup.


Use an Easy-Out Tool: For threaded broken pieces, use an easy-out tool (screw extractor): Insert the tool into the pipe and turn it counterclockwise to grip and remove the stuck piece.


Clean the Threads: Clean the threads inside the pipe with a wire brush to ensure they are free of debris and corrosion.


Check for Damage: Inspect the pipe for any damage. Replace the section if necessary.


Removing the Stuck Cover Plate (Escutcheon):


Turn Off Water Supply: Ensure the water supply is turned off.


Inspect for Screws: Look for visible screws around the edge of the cover plate. Use an appropriate screwdriver to remove them if present.


Check for Silicone or Caulk: The cover plate may be sealed with silicone or caulk. Use a utility knife to carefully cut around the edge to break the seal without damaging the wall or tiles.


Gently Pry Off the Cover Plate: Use a thin, flat tool like a putty knife or flathead screwdriver. Insert it between the cover plate and the wall. Gently pry the cover plate away from the wall. Work your way around the plate, prying a little at a time to gradually loosen it.


Apply Heat if Necessary: If the cover plate is particularly stubborn, apply heat with a hairdryer to soften any adhesive. This can make it easier to remove.


Clean the Area: Once removed, clean the area to remove any remaining adhesive, silicone, or caulk.


Addressing the Spindle Issue:

Kinetic 15mm Spindle Extension: To compensate for the shorter spindle in your Estilla bath kit, use a Kinetic 15mm spindle extension. Ensure it’s compatible with the existing spindle and properly fitted and secure.


General Tips:

Heat Application: Carefully apply heat using a hairdryer or heat gun around the spout to expand the metal, making it easier to remove. Be cautious not to overheat surrounding materials.


Gentle Tapping: Use a rubber mallet or a wooden block and hammer to gently tap around the spout to loosen any corrosion or mineral buildup.


Protect the Wall: Place a thin piece of cardboard or cloth behind the putty knife or screwdriver to protect the wall or tiles from scratches.


Be Patient: Take your time to avoid damaging the cover plate, wall, or tiles.

If you encounter any difficulties or need further assistance, it might be best to consult a professional plumber.


Good luck


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to remove stuck bathroom spout?

Hello @paddy1829 


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's marvellous to have you join us, and thanks for sharing your question about your bath spout. 


It appears to be a traditional bath spout like the Shaw & Mason Chrome Standard Bath Spout or similar. If you are not using the flange that is left on the wall for any other purpose, I suggest using a Trojan 300mm Multigrip Plier to hold onto the side of the flange and turn it anti-clockwise. 


It might take several attempts so please keep at it until you get a good grip. Please note that the multigrips will damage the side of the existing flange. 


In regards to the spindle, I suggest putting the Estilo spindle and the old one side by side to make sure that they are not the same height. If they are not, then I suggest getting a Kinetic 15mm Wall Tap Spindle Extender - 2 Pack to match the heigh of the old set.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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Re: How to remove stuck bathroom spout?

Thank You PlumbMaster-Zee and EricL for your reply and helping me with 

for step by step guide. It helped to remove this stubborn spout.
and I also added Kinetic 15mm extension for flange to attach onto the thread. 



now have to find a new spout in bunnings to attach to the existing thread length size , which is about 20mm

the one in Estillo kit has 15mm thread length. So about 5mm shorter. 

Have a great day and Thanks heaps 

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