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Looking for ideas for budget laundry reno

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Re: Looking for ideas for budget laundry reno

Hi @cthomas,


As I was mentioning earlier the layout I've put together is merely a guide.


Just to run through what you have mentioned, there is a 600mm base cab for the sink (I could change that for a 450mm cab, but I don't think you'll get a 450mm sink into it), your washing machine is in place next to it and I have an additional 450mm base cabinet next to that. Whether it's a 450mm base cabinet or linen chute is up to you.


On the original images you had 239cm as the width of the wall, so I recommended two 900mm wall cabs and the floating shelves in the middle. At the new measure of 210cm you would likely drop the 900 cabs down to 600mm instead.


In this design below I am using two Kaboodle 600mm Wall Cabinets and one Kaboodle 600mm Base Cabinet. There is a great selection of doors and finishes to choose from.






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Re: Looking for ideas for budget laundry reno

Hello @cthomas 


If we leave a gap of 100mm to allow for the vertical blinds to close and open then this would be the actual point of start of the laundry cabinets. To be more precise this would be the start of the laundry bench top. If we gave it less space the blinds will not have any space to gather once it is pulled aside to open. The cabinet line up has two finishing panels next to the washing machine. You could take those out to recover 36mm of space and make the line up more compact if you really need the space. I provided a 450mm linen hamper cabinet at the end as this is the minimum space required for the linen pull out mechanism ( see picture below ). The cabinets joined together have exceeded your 1700mm requirements due to the overhang of the bench tops. Please see the cabinet measurements below and see if you can manage with these sizes. I am guessing that you prefer more storage space than display space hence I've maxed out your wall cabinets and left you a smaller timber shelf other wise MitchellMc"s recommendation for smaller wall cabinets would work as well. If space is critical then your other option is to have a custom cabinet made at the start of the run. This will then give you exactly the 1700mm space your looking for. You just need to make sure that the sink you choose will fit. Have a look, have a think, and tell us how you wish to proceed. Good luck and stay safe.





cthomas4.jpgcthomas5.jpgcthomas6.jpgScreenshot_2020-08-09 Kaboodle 2 x 35L Base Mount Laundry Hamper.png 

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