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What to do when tap spindles aren't long enough

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What to do when tap spindles aren't long enough



Just wondering what to do when the cover plate of the tap can't go on because the spindle with the thread isn't long enough? (I may be using the wrong words sorry, hopefully the photos help!)


I thought I had to get a spindle extension thing (as in photos) but these all make the cover plate sit too far out!


Should I be using something else, or do I just need to keep searching for the right size?







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Re: What to do when tap spindles aren't long enough

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @daniellemb1993. It's fantastic to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


Initially, we need to verify that you have purchased wall taps and not basin taps. This will most likely be labelled on the packaging. Wall taps have a longer spindle length as their fittings are generally recessed further into the cavity than basin fittings. If you have purchased wall taps, due to the variable nature of wall lining thicknesses, they aren't always a direct swap over.


A couple of options worth trying would be a Kinetic 28mm Ceramic Disc Spindle Extender 2 Pack, which extends the whole spindle further out or a Kinetic 15mm PVC Spindle Bonnet Extender 2 Pack. The PVC bonnet extenders are the same design as what you have already tried, but they can be joined together and also cut down to size with a hacksaw. 


The copper extenders can also be cut down to size but that will obviously be more work than if you used the PVC version.


Let me mention the very knowledgable @redracer01 as he's amazing with difficult plumbing questions and might have something additional to add to the conversation.


Please let me know if you need further assistance or have any questions.




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Re: What to do when tap spindles aren't long enough

Hello @daniellemb1993 


Excellent idea on the brass extenders how ever they are never at right height and non adjustable. I suggest plastic bonnet extenders as suggested by @MitchellMc they are more viable and much more user friendly and can be trimmed down using a hack saw. See picture below, simply screw into existing fittings and adjust accordingly with saw. Yo could also use small dabs of silicone at the back if it prooves to be too troubling, but you would need to let it dry overnight. Good luck and stay safe.





Screenshot_2020-08-14 Kinetic 15mm PVC Spindle Bonnet Extender - 2 Pack.png 

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Re: What to do when tap spindles aren't long enough

Hi @daniellemb1993,

It's a common problem in renovations where the finished surface is further from the wall than the original.

Ceramic disc taps only have a 28mm extender which can often be too much.

Traditional taps with washers have 15mm or 25mm  extenders.


Depending on your taps, using the pvc bonnet extension recommended by @redracer01 may work.

From your photos it looks like you have just enough spindle length to get your tap handle back on.

Sometimes I have had to use traditional washer taps with a 15mm extender.


The pvc bonnet option is cheap to try.

Once screwed into the bonnet you may need to trim with a hacksaw to be flush.

This worked in my kitchen where only 12mm of tap thread was showing and the spindle is quite long.

Trimmed flush extenderTrimmed flush extender12mm exposed thread12mm exposed thread



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