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replace spindle only on estilo tap

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replace spindle only on estilo tap

Hi guys - I’m trying to replace only the spindle top only of my bathroom taps. 

I’ve bought the estilo basin set. How do I get the spindle part off the top of the new tap? Assuming it comes off?  Above the red bit pictured. I don’t want to replace the tap underneath the sink as it’s not a fully new basin install; just a replacement of taps and spout. 


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Re: replace spindle only on estilo tap

You can unscrew the spindle from the nut with the black markings on it in your photo @dani1234567 then obviously remove the same section from the existing on your sink and pop the new one on. Does that make sense?

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Re: replace spindle only on estilo tap

Oh good, I’m glad you tell me that’s how it’s supposed to work. It doesn’t seem to be unscrewing easily! I think maybe I need some extra muscles / tools to unscrew it! :smile: thank you 

Re: replace spindle only on estilo tap

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @dani1234567. It's fabulous to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


It's great to see you've already received a prompt and helpful reply from @ProjectPete.


You might need an adjustable spanner to turn the nut on the spindle (red circle) and a pipe wrench to hold the body of the tap (green circle). Alternatively, if you have a vice you can hold the body in that.


Please let us know if you have difficulties removing the spindle.






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