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How do you increase storage space in a laundry?

Rufaro--2.jpegI used a Bunnings video to make my steel pipe that hangs from the roof and while I was in Bunnings searching for the materials a lovely lady worker helped me with the idea of a cube shelf. We then thought of getting brackets that usually hang up a shelf and hiding them in the squares to give the idea of a floating shelf.


I wanted a small hang too so I just got the one that was already black to match my painted one from the ceiling. Different length screws for each thing and I reinforced it with some timber in the ceiling for a bit more strength.

For those who are inspired, I have attached the video below for the D.I.Y. industrial hanging clothes rail and the full step-by-step instructions can be found here.


I used these brackets hidden inside the shelves of the cube and secured them to 3 of the studs. The 4th bracket couldn't be secured to a stud so I used a hollow wall anchor. - Nkbarfield


I would use the keyhole method to secure added storage on the walls. Screw heads stick out from the wall that fit in a hole and slot on what you are hanging, there are plates that screw over a hole or it can be routed into the back. - Brad


Our laundry was pretty basic with just a standard trough and no storage. We wanted to make it more practical but had a very small budget. So we went to Bunnings and bought a large bench top, new sink, 2x cupboards and some beautiful tiles. 


It took us less than a day to put it all together, and the best part was it only cost us around $500 all up!


The cupboards we used are the Marquee 1000mm melamine base cabinets ($99 each) and we just put different handles on them, the bench top is the Marquee 2400x600x25mm laminate white bench top ($99), the sink is the Estilo 610x510x250mm stainless steel laundry trough ($110), and the wall tiles are the Bellazza 60x30cm builders porcelain floor tiles ($25 per pack of 6, we used 2 packs).


For the hole in the benchtop we used a jigsaw, we drilled a large hole in it first to get the blade of the jigsaw in.


We left the taps, etc, where they were and I put the shelving unit over top (cut out some holes for the cords). Eventually we are going to hang a dryer there so we figured we’d sort the taps out later if we need to.


We started by attaching some wood to the wall. We did this mostly to bring the cupboards forward a little so that the benchtop wouldn’t overhang too far at the front. We bolted the wood to the wall, then attached the cupboards to the wood by drilling from inside the cupboards on the support panel - we pre-planned for the wood to line up with it. Then we put the benchtop on top and attached it with some screws from the inside of the cupboard.


Finally having bench space and cupboards has been so good! - @prettyliving


You might consider custom building an enclosure for your washer and dryer.


I suggest using CustomWood MDF 2400 x 1200 x 18mm Standard MDF Panel as the side panels. When properly supported with timber bracing inside you should be able to use this as a cover panel for a washing machine. I recommend using 89 x 19mm x 2.4m Premium Grade Dressed Pine as an interior brace and hinge mounting point for the doors.


Look at Bunnings wardrobes and doors that may be modified to suit such needs. - JoeAzza


Our laundry room was just a dumping ground for everything to do with cleaning and there was nowhere to put anything away. Plus we had a large laundry sink that was never used.


We did get rid of the sink as it was never used and took up so much space. We had a plumber come in who removed the sink and capped off taps to behind the wall but left us with a drainage pipe for the washing machine. Then we put in a new wall and plastered it to have a smooth finish. Plumber cost about $600 but completed works cost us roughly $2000 for all materials including plumbing and electrician (for extra power points under bench top) it all works great! - Gillgirl


After ripping out the old sink cupboard and wall tiles, I decided to utilise all space available in the Laundry to make it a productive and enjoyable space. From Bunnings I got the Flatpax cupboards, subway tiles and grout, whilst the bench top and shelves I utilised a local cabinet maker to match the bench tops with what I have in my study. The complete project cost approx $1300 (not including the washing machine upgrade) and my wife is loving the two laundry chutes.


The long bench top allows a place to fold clothes (instead of using the spare room). Behind the entrance door to the laundry there is a broom cupboard, otherwise this design would benefit by including a tall cupboard space. All cupboards top and bottom are from the Flatpax range at Bunnings. I changed the handles though to suit the handles throughout the rest of my house.


My benchtop is 3000 so it won't be much different. Yes the plumbing connections are under the sink therefore I just cut a hole through the side of the sink cabinet to run the washing machine hoses.


I was a little concerned whether the Flatpax range would be good enough, and I also put a lot of thought into possibly using the Kaboodle range. In the end, I went for the Flatpax range and I am very happy with it. It is perfect for the laundry and I think that with the right accessories it can look brilliant. The handles didn't do it for me nor suit my house, so I changed them. Tiling and benchtop made the project come together nicely and there is certainly no issue with the quality of the Flatpax range. If you really want to lift it, you can replace the standard hinges for soft closes, etc.


I found where the studs were and used 14g 75mm screws. I used 4 screws per module. With the floating shelves I entered screws from the sides, so from the inside of the side cabinetry modules. - Jimi


We just had our laundry done, we got a smaller laundry tub 40cm W (from Bunnings). Our washing machine is on a pedestal for easy access, but we don't have the dryer in there. We have wall mounted cupboards above the tub and machine which gives us storage - starting at the front of the machine to the rear wall. Maybe others would wall mount the dryer and put a small wall mounted cupboard above the tub.


Another option would be to replace your laundry door with a concertina door (Bunnings) or replace with a sliding door. It's amazing how much space you lose with a swing door. We don't use the tub on a regular basis so I have put a lid on it to sit the dirty laundry basket on. Also the water fittings and power are inside the bottom of the laundry tub instead of the wall. On one wall I have a horizontal coat rack for hanging items (4 hooks). - stewiesnr


We recently decided to upgrade our laundry. Originally we wanted to knock it down and move it into another section of our home but the alternative of upgrading the space is more feasible at the moment.


Really happy with the amount of storage we now have. Makes such a huge difference. - Chaks_DIY


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